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What have you found through the internet?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) February 21st, 2009

Off of Craigslist or Ebay or Google or Fluther or ANY site.
(bought, sold, a job, love, an apartment, an epiphany, etc)
what are your internet treasures?

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my wonderful apartment through craigslist. I live in the best house ever with two of the best guys ever. It’s never dull, I will say that… and we’re all wonderful friends.

I met my boyfriend over, and we’ve been together just over 2 years.

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Fluther….does that count as a treasure?

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My SO, two RVs,most of the clothes I wear to work,my job, a vacation home in North Carolina ,my best freind, my worst enemy, and a partridge in a pear tree!

Plus what cheeb said.. she best me to it!

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I learned about beaked aliens from psyla, I treasure that knowledge

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Found: an easy new way of communicating with family & friends.

Given: all my art is posted for free for the world to print & frame as it chooses. I now make computer art & giving it to the world is incentive to do it. My computer art can be found in my dream abyss at

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I love you, cheebdragon!

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A group of great jellyfish :)

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Were it not for the internet, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have kids. It was through the infertility group that we kept track of new technology, and who was doing what. We’d already tried the IVF stuff once, with no success, and were looking into adoption and sperm donation, etc.

Then we found out, via internet that there was a practice at the Cornell Medical Center that had a success rate double other practices. With that knowledge, we were able to improve our chances, and got not one, but two children! They are the best, ever!

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My livelihood lol

Other than that, I gained knowledge that:

- I was anal probed by aliens, I just can’t remember it
– There is a spaghetti monster religion
– Michael Jackson is Jesus
– People make $10,000 part-time, but seem to keep their old $1,800/month jobs
– I can become a neuro-surgeon in only ten months
– I can have any degree I want if I only sent $240 somewhere
– I have won exorbitant amounts of money in the national lottery of various African countries
– I can increase my penis-size by several inches with a pill
– 12 weeks from now I’ll look like a pro-bodybuilder with only 6 minutes effort 3 times a week.

results not typical, personal results will vary

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I learned how to be Tsar of Fluther from the beak-paranoid peedub. If anyone wants to learn how to do it, let me know.

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I found cold hard cash by selling my Swatches & Lightwave computer art program CD on eBay.

I now use the Poser & Vue programs to make illustrations of beaked aliens.

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The NSA and my local Scrabble club. Yes, i’m that nerdy.

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How ah yooh dooin’?

Haha ;-D

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SO much music. I find a lot of new artists online, since I rarely listen to the radio and have slightly obscure tastes in it anyway. In fact I just hit the 10,000 song mark, which is kind of horrifying. I’m a music pack rat.

I’ve also gotten far too much TV and movies via the internet. It’s a bad habit. :) I like a lot of British TV that doesn’t air in the US though, so I like to think it’s slightly justified… I almost never watch TV on the actual TV anymore.

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@TaoSan – Hehe ;o)

But yeah, for any Scrabble lovers, I really recommend finding a local club. It’s actually a lot of fun.

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I never even knew such clubs existed! Wonder what the odds are of finding one in my neck of the woods… West Virginia :(

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I know it’s already been said, repeatedly, but I’m going to go with Fluther also as something excellent that I have found on the Internet. No more elaboration is needed on that. It’s wonderful here. :o)

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@augustlan – I didn’t find any through the NSA, but I googled and found one in Charleston. I’m not sure if you live near there or not… you can always start your own!! :D

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I found one of my dearest friends on the internet and a good friend from high school I had lost touch with. I also found Fluther, CrAzY fashion disasters, answers to tons of urban legends, and chocolate covered gummy bears.

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@KrystaElyse Thanks for trying, but Charleston is pretty far away from me. Oh well.

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My daddys biological parents!!!!! Well their address, fone # and names. Well his moms.

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My boyfriend. Thru
Totally unexpected.
Best discovery EVER. Hands down.

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some lovely jellies, a few great sweaters and necklaces (courtesy of etsy), some wonderful friends that i’ve been able to meet, a best friend whom i haven’t met yet (but might be this summer if all goes well), lots of homework help, recipes, music and custom crap for sims to clog my computer, relief from boredom.

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The whole list of porn websites . Muahahah

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A whole bunch of books

90% of my wardrobe

A good recipe for fake blood for movies

How to make someone look like they are being shot

A complete and articulated dire wolf skeleton

The perfect wallpaper border for my son’s room – it has bulldozers, tractors, trucks, four-wheelers, helicopters and mud.


An RPG that I am addicted to

A living (I sell stuff online)

1950’s clothing, cat-eye glasses, and jewelry for a play



Guarana, a Brazilian soda

Lamb kidneys

New Balance shoes in my size!

The good fly traps

Plans for building all sorts of things

Patterns for making clothing for my mother’s childhood dolls

A very cool knife, a pirate sword and a replica blunderbuss

My daughter’s birthmother’s family history back five generations

A picture of my great great grandfather who was bandmaster at West Point

A cousin I hadn’t seen in years (her daughter is in love with a Russian)

A dog named Gracie

The story of how one of my ancestors was scalped but survived

The story of how another one of my ancestors became prominent in a small Michigan town, where his house is now a museum

A photograph of the founder of our town that no one in our area knew existed

A painting of our town in its earliest days that no one knew existed, and that was in Australia of all places (we are in Texas)

The stuff to put together a medical kit for the living history role of ship’s surgeon on the Pinta replica

Really cool buttons

A factory refurbished laptop for $200

Outdoor table lamps

Car parts

Day Lily bulbs

Wildflower seeds

Hawaiian print Converse All-Stars

And one new fact to learn every day.

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I bought a paving brick from the Columbian Exposition that was held in Chicago in 1893–4.

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I don’t wanna talk about it.

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Thanks LG…I am really quite pleased with it. It’s in pretty good shape and you can still read the embossed letters “Columbian Exposition”. It’s huge…it weighs about 10 pounds. I try to envision where it was laid out in White City and who might have traipsed over it…

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The internet has helped my musical tastes to explode. Which is awesome.

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