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Planning a car trip to Half Moon Bay?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) July 7th, 2008

I live in the Easy bay, so I’ll be going south. Any suggestions of what to do along the way?

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You’ll be fine as long as you avoid the Difficult Bay.

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Are you going through San Francisco and taking Highway 1? That would be the nicer drive. Highway 1 is beautiful, especially this time of year.

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Just to let you know parts of 1 were/are shut down because of the fires. Hope you don’t run into any trouble..

Umm.. take a camera. Also, if you surf bring your board (HMB is where Mavericks takes place).

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I lived up there (Sunnyvale) for a few years many moons ago and used to take a special trip to Campbell to eat at the only Del Taco in the Bay Area.

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Haha, nice PnT, thanks for the input. ;-)

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I live in the East Bay too and we take the bay bridge to 280 and cut over to Pacifica and then down to Half Moon Bay. The drive is nice and as soon as you get past Devil’s Slide, you can stop at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach (just above HMB) for great tidepooling. In HMB, Moonside Bakery makes great bread and treats.

If I can suggest, the beaches south of HMB are really fantastic. Worth taking the extra (beautiful) drive.

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Sounds nice! I’ll have to remember to wave to you as you drive through.

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I was just there last weekend….

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take the scenic route down 1 for a nice little Sunday driving.


84 if you like the twists and turns.

92 for the fastest route if it isn’t traffic.

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Half Moon Bay is one of our favorite weekend getways. The 92 freeway seems ‘quicker’ from the east bay since then we moved to Sacramento. It is still quicker to us. :)

I would suggest go to Ritz, and park in one of the free parking spots (golf area) it is on the right hand side as you see this hotel. and another right.

and then walk behind the Ritz, they have beautiful trails. And a great place to catch a sunset, bonfire, and soak the views of the ocean while sitting on an adronack chair.

Beach..there is a beach entrance (between Pelican RV camp and Ritz) nice spot. You can walk to this beach on the trail behind ritz go further south, until you see an entrance to the beach. (another free place to park is this parking lot between Pelican RV and Ritz as well)

Food..for the best sandwiches in town. Is it Main Street Cafe the name…they have turkey, cream cheese, cucumbers in a homebaked slices of bread! It is on Main Street in downtown. A good place for a stroll.

Moss Beach Distillery is another place to catch some views of the ocean.

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Forgot to add..

if you like fish and chips or clam chowder. Barbara’s Fish Trap is in Princeton by the Sea, a small town maybe 5 miles north of Half Moon Bay. It is on the pier. We grab one or both of these yummy foods.

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my mistake: It is not Main Street Cafe but San Benito House for those yummy sandwiches.

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