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Best place to go enjoy the sunshine this weekend, outside of SF?

Asked by occ (4083points) August 13th, 2010

It’s been cold and foggy and generally un-summer-like in San Franicisco the past couple of weeks (as it usually is in July/August…but somehow this year just seems worse!). I really want to get outside of the city and go somewhere sunny and beautiful this weekend. Where to go? Napa? Tahoe? Big Sur?
What are some favorite getaway ideas, either for camping/hiking or just general frolicking, where I can see the sunshine and have a warm relaxing summer weekend?

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It is supposed to be sunny both Saturday and Sunday and in the high 70s to low 80s at Lake Tahoe this weekend.

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Muir Woods (hiking) and/or Stinson Beach

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Come to sparta, ga., Hancock County, enjoy

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You probably need to go east to get away from the fog. I am pretty sure anything along the coast will be cold and foggy this weekend.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park is just outside of Oakland, it has a lake and you can rent all sorts of boats at the marina for pretty cheap. They also have fishing gear for rent. Another option is Del Valle Regional Park, outside Livermore. The lake at Del Valle is great for fishing/boating and you are also allowed to swim.

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Maybe cruise up to the Russian river, do a little sunbathing and wine tasting in Sonoma county? Love that area.

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Indianapolis – Lucas Oil Stadium drum corps finals for the year
blazing outside, ac in.

Fabulous music, and visuals and marching art

or go see Coloma.

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Yeah, come on over the waters just fine…goose tested and approved. lol

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Santa Cruz

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Sturgis bike rally is still going this weekend. Lots of sun in the Black Hills this weekend.

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Mendicino County- north along the coast! It is supposed to be nice and clear but consider highway 101 or through Sonoma county and hit some wineries, then Fort Bragg… Take a ride on the Skunk Train “”

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I would go down to Santa Barbara for the weekend. Eat some really good food, lay out on the beach, find some really nice trails in the hills to walk around. The weather should be just perfect these days.

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This is the weekend you are meant to come to Portland, Oregon. It’s suppose to be in the 90’s for the next week! It is today! Come see! But bear in mind…most who discover Portland, move here, within the following three years! I’ve been in large groups where someone exclaims, “You’re from here? We’ve never met anyone FROM HERE!”

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Weather’s just dandy in Maine right now.

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Saturday will be cooler. Go to Santa Cruz.
Sunday will be pretty warm. Go to Napa.

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Hot and breezy here at the lake house in Tenino as well.

Too bad you can’t come up here for a swim!

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UPDATE: We ended up discovering an awesome lake/reservoir out near Livermore called Del Valle lake. Only an hour’s drive from San Francisco, about 20 degrees warmer than the city, and a big beautiful lake with boat rentals, kayaks, plenty of spots for picnics, little coves to discover, etc. I would definitely recommend it as a day trip for others looking to get out of the city and into the sunshine!

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