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Have you ever met someone that wasn't there?

Asked by UnholyThirst (1443points) July 15th, 2014

Do you often find it most frightful to be alone, or is being alone your absolute peace?

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I think I just did. You. That’s slightly creepy. But I like it.

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I like it too…

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Protect me! LOL

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All the time. But they all vanish after I extend my tentacles.
Ghosts seem to be afraid of some good tentacle action.

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Space aliens, who enter my brain and communicate with me. I usually keep an aluminum foil cap on my head, though, which forms an effective barrier.

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No, but I have met myself on the way back from a destination for which I was late.

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Yes, he is not here but he is with me only, only in my view.

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@UnholyThirst I don’t know if it’s only me but I think the question’s scary me a bit.

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Dearest DipanshiK…fear is such tasteless and wasteful energy. Devour, not shaken.

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The clown from It loved the taste of fear.

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I’ve met people who appeared to be there and then when you talked to them, you realized the lights were on but no one was home.

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@MagicalMystery I had a client that was a schizophrenic. Sometimes the lights were off.

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When my mother-in-law launches one of her 20-minute stories, which I’ve already heard at least a dozen times, I’m not there. I’ve grown a mute button inside my head. I simply turn off the volume, pretend to be listening, and don’t hear a single word. Nobody can stop her from talking too much, but I have the right not to pay attention. This technique is amazingly effective – MIL doesn’t get hurt or insulted, and I don’t go mad – and it keeps some peace within the family.

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