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What are the things you habitually do to lift your mood?

Asked by nina (895points) July 7th, 2008

My list includes but is not limited to: going to a bookstore for lunch, chatting with a friend, going online, drinking a great cup of coffee with a good snack, thrift shopping

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Watching a DVD of Dave Matthews Band, always makes me happy

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Watching Tim Curry movies or just listening to his voice or pictures, playing the bass, singing, acting in my room, watching TV, using the computer, hanging with friends, and playing with my dog.

I have more I just can’t think of them now

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Writing/playing/listening to music, praying, reading my Bible, hanging out with friends, taking photos, watching movies, being outdoors, picking up a new book, and many more

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Taking a walk. Doing a singalong to oldies on the radio. Remembering all the things I have to be thankful for. Yoga breathing.

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I eat…and although spending money on the food limits the effectiveness of it’s mood lifting ability, it ultimately makes me feel better. My metabolism is gonna slow down one day and I’m gonna be screeeewed.

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Riding my bike through the park near my house. All of the sounds of nature come together and make me feel peaceful. I just came back from a bike ride and I feel great!

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If the weather is nice I grab a book and a blanket and go down to the river and read.

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Playing with my cats always makes me laugh, and it immediately lifts my spirits.

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drinking beer

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toke plus backroad. Not much works such wonders.

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Shopping, I always feel better after spending some money. It’s been a habit of mine since my teenage years. I also call an old friend who always cheers me up.

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Watch cartoon movies or other comedy movies of Jim Carrey, Mr. Bean and Eddie Murphy.

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I paint, lift the spirits of those around me (usually the dog and cat), and I dream.

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