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How many times in one sentence can you drop the F-bomb?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) July 22nd, 2014

While at the local coffee house, I could not help but overhear a woman seated not far off. I was passing away a few moments until a meeting I had to attend and was not trying to ”ear hustle” her conversation but she was talking SO LOUD, it was hard to ignore her. It seemed as if every 4–6 words out of her mouth were dropping an F-bomb. How much do you use it, and how much in one sentence? Do you believe it makes your speech or conversation more pertinent, colorful, or powerful?

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Is this a conspiracy to get me banned?
You can’t get me that easy, Sino-Vietnamese Pickle Cartel!

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Im from fuckin liverpool in fuckin england.
So it makes up most of my fuckin vocabulary.


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I say fuck pretty fucking often.

I don’t like the assertion made by many that just because one decides to “curse” in their daily vernacular that their vocabulary must be lacking.

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I use it occasionally, mostly in humor, rarely in anger. Nothing beats a well timed F bomb on occasion, but, if your vocabulary and literacy is so compromised you can’t get through a conversation without using the word every few seconds, well…get some class.

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Fuck fucking fucks for fuck’s sake.

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A wise man once said:

“fuck-fuckedy-fuck-fuck-fuck…. see, it doesnt hurt anybody!”

“Eric…... How would you like to go an see the school councellor??????”

“How would you like to suck my balls?????”........

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Please see the following examples of emotional emphasis.
Which one would make you question whether to continue smacking your sibling on the head with a ruler…...

A – “Please stop hitting me with that ruler!”

B – “Pack-it the fuck in right now before I ran that ruler up ya fuckin sphincter!!!!!”....

Please note, that B will be said with teeth clenched and eyebrows pulled down, and with the head slightly tilted forward…....

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OMG you were sitting near my boss! Was she also eating with her mouth open and food falling out? I counted 6 f bombs and a GD in one sentence. She also thinks it’s funny her 3 year old says the f word.

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@Coloma Nothing beats a well timed F bomb on occasion, but, if your vocabulary and literacy is so compromised you can’t get through a conversation without using the word every few seconds, well…get some class.
So, something on the lines of, “well, my [f] car would not [f] start, and I said ‘What the [f]?’”. Now I have to take the [f] bus to my [f] job because my car is all [f up]. You think my b/f would let me borrow his [f] extra car, but [f] no, see if I don’t say ‘No’ next time he wants to [f]. Now I am stuck on the [f] bus with all those [f] weirdoes, that is [f] up, just let one of them say one [f] word to me and see I don’t [f] them up…” might classify as a little classless to you?

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I think it’s annoyingly immature when kids overuse curse words and think it funny or necessary; so you can imagine what I think about an adult doing it.

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Let’s see…the “f word” can serve as a verb, noun, adjective, adverb, etc., etc. Any sentence can be populated by it. How very sad it must be to be so inarticulate.

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One of my old boss’s would actually hyphenate the word to fit it in, EXAMPLE= I blew the trans(fucking)mission in my truck yesterday.

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@SQUEEKY2 Did you ever watch HBO’s “East Bound and Down”? Kenny ____ing Powers!

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As many time as you want, but why would I want to? Only if I wanted the Soprano family and friends as my partners in a conversation. Never mind classless; it’s just plain boring.

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I can swear like a trooper but don’t do it often and I’m cautious to pick appropriate settings when I drop f-bombs. My husband swears a lot and it does irritate me when he doesn’t seem to be able to get a sentence out without including fuck in the middle of it. If I think he’s overdoing it, I’ll tell him. I’ve heard using swear words suggests a lack of literacy or intelligence, but I think that’s rubbish. Some of the most intelligent people I know swear. I do think using swear words often lacks creativity. I’d rather use swear words for impact rather than using them habitually.

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Classic (YouTube): The Wire

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I can use it a lot, but I don’t. The word loses its impact if it is used too often. It is rare that I swear, so my friends know that when I do I’m fucking serious.

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I don’t think about it or place any significance on it at all, sometimes it’s there, most times not, random & meaningless.

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I can drop the f bomb as many times as is needed.

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Not all that much. As an accomplished expletivist, I have a wide vocabularical range when prompted.

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“Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express* itself forcibly.”

—Spencer W. Kimball

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I don’t know if quoting some mormon priest is really very compelling @Pachy

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Thanks for your opinion, @Dan_Lyons. I happen to agree with it.

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^ I think I agree as well and not because he is Mormon, because it sounds like sound sense to me,

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I don’t like vulgar foul language and never use it.

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What the fuck made you ask a fucking question like that?! You had to know you were asking for fucking trouble.

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Where the fuck did I fucking leave the fucking stupid keys?

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A lot, as it turns out. NSFW

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Sometimes it is the mot juste but like any word it can be overused.

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