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When is something handmade cheap, and when is it chic and dapper?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) July 24th, 2014

If you had a hand sewn bra from Victoria Secret or shirt from Dolche and Gabbana, is that chic and couture? If your no-named aunt sewed you a shirt, even if it were made of silk, is it seen as cheap and bumpkinish? What can you think of that is considered great and good if handmade and things that are looked upon as cheap if made by hand? If you sewed your own bra is that cheap rather than couture?

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With that said, lets get to the real answers. :-)

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Others may insist on a known designer to consider something chic, as far as I’m concerned, beyond the fashion there is: craftsmanship.
If your aunt can put something together with clever and sturdy stitches then there is much to be proud of.

The movie “Pretty in Pink” has a fun example of home-made chic fashion that was successful for the maker.

Some folks will go really far to attract attention with the uniqueness of the design – that is where, in my opinion, you can run into trouble with something that definitely catches the eye but beyond that doesn’t actually look attractive &/or is distracting from the beauty of the wearer.
Different-to-be-different is fun and is a way to express yourself. But it doesn’t rock my boat as much as something that advances the art a bit.

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It all depends on the quality of the workmanship. A skilled milliner/dressmaker/seamstress can hand make something exquisite. That’s why a handmade object from a fine store (think Hermes, not D&G or Victoria Secret) is valued, they use the best craftspeople around.

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