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How much does it generally cost to buy a decent pair of shoes ?

Asked by airowDee (1791points) June 20th, 2010

And by decent, I mean, a pair that lasts for at least a year. I like to buy cheap stuff, and my mom doesnt trust me to buy anything decent so it would last, because i perfer to buy really really cheap stuff since i am extreamly poor and stingy. I need to know the price range that I should set as a target.

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Sneakers? Dress shoes? Sandals? (Details, please? ;) )

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It depends what you want and how rough you are on your shoes. I have Sketchers that I bought for $35 at an outlet store (I don’t remember which one now) about 3 years ago and they are still in great shape.

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As little as $15 at Wal*Mart

You can pay more for advertising, poor distribution, fancy materials, names, etc (there is no limit) ... but a basic good pair of shoes is $15.

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sneakers or dress shoes! Good question, sorry i didnt include that. Thanks

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Around $30 or $40 for me!

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I never spend much on shoes, $50 would be extremely excessive for me, I typically spend about $10—$15 on a pair of shoes. And my shoes always last. I think the key is to have 2 or 3 pair that you rotate, so that they last longer. Definitely Payless or Walmart. Also try Burlington or Value City if you have anything like that in your area.

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New Balance shoes are pretty versatile and long-lasting. You can find them at practically any footwear store, and they’re inexpensive. You should be able to find a good pair for $25–40.

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I would say $40 and that is on sale.

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Garage sale, second hand store. $5.00 tops.

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I’ve had my new balances since i was 15 and i’m 23, they’re still in great shape. they were probably like 80 at the time but damn well worth it.

edit: they’re the ones posted like 2 posts before mine… and may not have been that much but i remember them being a little more expensive than the average sneaker.

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Depends what your doing really but if it’s just casual wear, say trainers, I’d only pay up to £35.00, formal shoes for that special occasion, up to £70.00, walking, hiking boots / shoes I’ve paid over £200.00 but that’s just me! :-/

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Several pairs of less expensive shoes, rotated, will last you far longer than buying more expensive shoes and only wearing the one pair. Good shoes, worn out in the rain or drudging through dirt, will not last.

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It would seem the average to this question is about USD$40. I bought a $45 pair of steel-toe construction boots, put a $10 pair of support slips in them, and paid maybe $5 for mod mats. I riveted the fronts and under the arches for ventilation, put some steel epoxy I had lying around on the bottoms and overstitched the tiny wire stitches holding the sole on with leather strings. I’ve had them for 8 years through mud, snow, sand, dirt and pavement and they’re still going. I just close up the rivets with a screw, grommit & washer when it’s cold or nasty outside.

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I’ll vouch for New Balance, also. I’ve had the same pair of New Balance for almost 7 years now, and although I wouldn’t really wear them out anymore.. they are in great shape for their age. I paid $30 for them at the time.

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I never spend a lot on shoes because I’m very hard on them and no matter what I spend, I will wear through all the insides in less than six months. So I never spend more than £15 (about US$22) unless I’m buying something speciallised like walking boots.

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I have found that shoes you find in Macy’s and other large dept stores like it are generally good quality. The heels even have more cushions! I want to say $60 for a decent pair of shoes from a store like Macy’s. Obviously you can pay much more. I have a pair of Harley Davidson boots that I have loved for several years that cost me $100. They need the outsole replaced, but that is no biggie, especially since has been so long since I bought them. I haven’t seen shoes under $20 ever last longer than a year with regular wear.

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