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Do you remember little from college?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) July 24th, 2014

Those of you who have a college degree in any field, do you remember most of what you did concerning the field or do you get “re-trained” in the workplace?

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Very, very little. My college career got me a job in the field that I had chosen (Construction) and once I had the job I actually learned how to do it.

I cannot think of a single thing from college that I actually utilized in my chose field. Basically all it did was show that I could put up with four years of bullshit and still keep my wits.

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I haven’t even graduated yet and I barely remember the shit I learned in freshmen year.

Most of it has felt like a waste of time. “Here, jump through some more hoops” . “deal with some more bullshit.” I’ve learned far more in my own independent research than I ever have in a classroom. But yaa…. piece a paper w00000!

Pretty much everyone I have talked to has told me essentially the same thing. You get a piece of paper that says you can now do X, you get a job in your field, and then that employer trains you how to actually do said job.

It’s one of the things I always found ridiculous about college and memorizing equations and formulas. “Listen, I want you to determine the molecular weight of this compound and mix it with this other one at a 1:3 ratio, BUT DON’T YOU DARE LOOK UP A SINGLE EQUATION TO CHECK YOUR WORK!” Please….

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I haven’t graduated yet, but I’m pretty sure the only thing I can remember after college is English.

English is the only practical subject I learn. All other things are just like… something they try to put into the schedule to fill up the days.

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It’s been 22+ years since I earned my Master’s, and I use what I learned in the graduate program every day. However, that was the tip of the iceberg and most of my education occurred in the workplace, and via continuing education as the knowledge and technology changes over time.

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I remember a great deal of what I studied as an undergraduate but the main wonderful lesson I learned was how to think. I use that daily. My graduate degree was more practical and I use common sense and background knowledge and yes, thinking, mainly in my professional life.

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Degree in Education. Substitute taught for 4 years, then wound up in customer service. I think all my degree was good for was for making my resume look good.

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