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Will Market Basket recover or will greed ultimately destroy it?

Asked by flip86 (6172points) July 25th, 2014

As asked.

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Hopefully “T” will find a way to buy “S” out, or find some other way to wrest control of the company. Surely, “S” can see he’s killing the Golden Goose.

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Looks like they’re are considering a sale to the former CEO, who everyone wants back.

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This whole thing reminds me of the Hostess fiasco a few years ago. We all know how that turned out.

I hope the company can recover but this is all the result of a long running family feud and it seems “S” is out for revenge on “T”.

I also don’t agree with the actions of some of the employees. I don’t think refusing to work and allowing the shelves to go bare is the answer to getting this resolved. It not only hurts them, it hurts their customers as well.

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@flip86 I was wondering the same thing! I don’t understand how not working and protesting deliveries will change anything…won’t it just cause the whole business to go down?

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@dxs I work at Hannaford in Maine and one of my co-workers is going to New Hampshire next week to work in a Hannaford that has been overrun with customers because of this whole thing. This is in a place where Market Basket dominated.

The employees are making things worse for themselves, I think.

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The Market Basket headquarters is a mile from my house and there are two of their stores within spitting distance. There’s also one across the street from where my wife works.

Protests are in full force around here. It’s a big deal. Heard from a local who is in MB management that they’re losing about 8-million-dollars/day in revenue.

With the exception of meat and produce (We go to a local butcher and farm for those), we do all our shopping there as their prices are great.

Story Today

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I don’t understand the end game here. And why did they announce today’s rally as the biggest and last?
Of course I support the employees and won’t step foot in a MB until the employees say it is ok to. But I do miss it. I was 80% MB, 20% Whole Foods before. Now, I have to do 80% Stop & Shop, which is disgusting and expensive.

@cookieman – Wow, hi neighbor.

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@hominid At the end of the article @cookieman posted it said that they made an error and that the protestors plan on protesting until “T” is reinstated. It seems they are in it for the long haul.

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@hominid: Agreed on Stop & Shop and I just can’t afford to do my entire shopping at Whole Paycheck. Hannafords is nice, but no one beats MBs prices, as you well know.

We’re also not shopping there until it gets sorted, but the other options aren’t great.

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I never liked it when I lived in Boston. MB was worst, Shaws second, and Stop and Shop was the best for me.

But anytime there is a family fight over companies or money – it’s ugly. Think back to the Pritzkers suing each other a couple years ago.

Will Market Basket survive? Yes, but it won’t be the same. It’ll fold eventually, but not necessarily because of this

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@cookieman @hominid Do you guys have Price Rites up there? Market Basket is still #1 though. I signed a petition for something while someone outside was protesting. I said that I’m not sure what good my name would do, but I signed it to show I support Art.

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Can someone give me a brief description on what’s going on with MB? I googled it but there’s so much available. I’m looking for the “edited version.” LOL

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Short and sweet, @jca. How I knew about it, since I’m Midwest.

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Stop & Shop is still very crowded, and Market Basket is empty. My local Stop & Shop is hiring to try to deal with the extra crowds.

It made Boing Boing today and Slate yesterday.

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@hominid Hannaford is paying me to travel from Augusta, Maine to Nashua, New Hampshire to help out because of the crowds. All overtime. Putting us up in a hotel and free meals. I’ll be there for 2 days. It ought to be interesting.

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^ Good luck. I lived near that Nashua Hannaford a few years ago, and did much of my shopping there. It’s not bad.

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This week the current CEOs urged the striking workers to return on Monday promising no punishment for their actions. They then went on to say that if they do not, they will let them go and begin advertising for open positions.


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”...managers at 68 of the chain’s 71 stores planned to deliver a petition warning that they will resign if Arthur T. Demoulas is not reinstated as CEO.”

What insanity. At this rate they’ll be lucky to have anything to sell out.

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It’s the grocery apocalypse!!




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That’s right! Today’s the day! I’m curious to know what happens now.

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My wife just got back from shopping at Roche Bros., our alternative while we wait on MB. She was not happy. Cheaper than Whole Paycheck, but more than MB. Plus, she’s unfamiliar with the store, so she was shopping perturbed.

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It looks like we could be close to a deal here. Crossing my fingers for a return of ATD and all the fired employees. I’ll spend an insane amount of money there as soon as this happens.

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It appears that it’s done. In a good way. Can’t wait to hear details. It may take some time to get these stores stocked and ready again.

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Like a classic religious fable, it took forty days and forty nights for the one, true leader to return.

I’m glad that’s over. I was just in a Market Basket last night. Shelves were still empty, but the place was spotless. Time to restock.

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I’m glad it’s over. Now all these people can get back to work and the rude Market Basket customers can return to their coveted supermarket. Good riddance. Hannaford employees can now breath a sigh of relief.

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Cool for the loyal customers, @hominid!
Thanks for the updates.

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