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Care to share fond memories of a TV cooking broadcast?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) July 28th, 2014

From an entire series, to a specific episode, to a commercial.

Real or spoof (Bass-O-Matic qualifies).

I really enjoyed watching Julia Childs. Her cooking was over my head, but she was such a sweet, awkward, earnest soul that never seemed to take herself seriously. Unflustered by anything and the whole thing carried off in the “Monty Python Spoof” voice. What a wonderful woman!

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Graham Kerr in “The Galloping Gourmet” TV show in the 60’s/70’s. He was a hoot.

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Graham was a H O O T for sure.

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The Urban Peasant… always made a dish with turnips. To stretch the food budget out.

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I’d forgotten Graham Kerr.
Over the top!
Monty Python cooks.

Do you have a LINK there, @37thBirthdayboy @talljasperman?

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I just read the wiki article on Graham Kerr. He is 80 now, and should take a read, he had a very distinguished beginning and lots of personal tragedy too. Very interesting, hadn’t thought about him in years until this Q.

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I used to watch a NZ cooking show in the 1970s, it featured two very camp guys, unusual for that time, called Hudson and Halls , it was always good for a laugh and it was fun revisiting the programme again just now.

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You shoulda linked, @Coloma.

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Thanks, @Adagio, we always enjoy the international flair!
and a hoot

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I have learned a lot watching these cooking shows over the years but I would love to see a cooking show based on real life, instead of choice cuts of meat and fresh spices and veggies where you walk in the front door of your house, you have to let the dog out, switch a load of laundry and then rifle the fridge for a complete meal you can make with freezer burned meats and week old veggies…let’s see how many contestants instead dial for take out after a full day of work and hungry kids screaming for food.

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Honestly. I think I could make that show, @Cruiser

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I always enjoyed watching Pasqualle. (Sp?) singing and talking about how cooking is an art and an expression of love. Forever changed how I view cooking for friends.

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The first time I saw an episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats, I immediately knew I’d be watching every single show he made.

It was the most fascinating
combo of solid recipes and
cooking info combined with science in a solidly
entertaining “neighborhood theater” style presentation; I was hooked for life.

I had never seen anything quite like it either before or since. A true original. Ive learned so much from him over the years.

For one of the best examples of his unique style, check out his YouTube vids demonstrating his turkey derrick. It’s a classic. I can’t post links from my old iPhone but you can find them easily by putting into the YT search bar:

Alton fried turkey.

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The Kerr and Julia shows were always in the background , and I would glance at them, but I never really paid close attention. But nowadays I can’t allow “America’s Test Kitchen” to be on while I’m in the room. I wind up virtually auditing the programs, taking notes and copying recipes.

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Keith often cooked drunk on his shows, funny man, sadly no longer with us.

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I loved watching Nigella Lawson on Food Network.I never cared if she is a party girl and was happy to see her stand up for herself against her abusive husband. Nowadays am not a regular viewer of any TV shows.

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I wasn’t a huge Pasquale fan, but I see the appeal, @majorrich.

Alton Brown is a bit modern for me, but interesting.

Who could not love the Swedish Chef! @jonsblond

Having not have TV for a decade (or 2), I’ve not seen America’s Test Kitchen, @stanleybmanly

Have you seen this series @ucme. It was a good introduction for me.

I checked out Nigella Lawson and I certainly see the appeal, @Smitha.

Thanks all!

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@ibstubro Yeah, I loved that he didn’t give a shit & just did the shows his way, drunk mostly.

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Sorry, @SecondHandStoke. My computer wouldn’t load the Yahoo and unavailable on youtube.

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It’s The Anal Retentive Chef with Phil Hartman.

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Yup. Never loaded on my Yahoo, and showed as removed from Hulu, @SecondHandStoke.

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