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How do I find out where this program is running?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38415points) August 1st, 2014

I’m noticing some bugs here and there on my computer, so, in addition to running Malware, I’m uninstalling unfamiliar, recently installed programs. Some program called “KNCTR” has installed itself on my desk top and when I try to uninstall it I get a message that says it’s running and I need to shut it down before I can uninstall it, but I can’t find where it’s running to shut it down. Any ideas?

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Assuming you’re using windows you should be able to see it in the task manager and close it from there. You could also try these instructions

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Got it. Thanks. Before when I tried to close it via the task manager it would balk, saying it was running, which made no sense. I restarted my computer and then was able to stop it. Thanks @Lightlyseared.

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Well, crap. I take that back. Now it isn’t showing that it’s running in the task manager, because I stopped it, but I still can’t uninstall it because it says it’s running. I’m looking at your link and I’m not seeing it displayed “by the clock.”

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Got it for real this time. Thanks.

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Good reason to avoid “express” installations of any software – and watch the options that are checked by default when installing anything!

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Have you tried spraying your computer with insecticide to get rid of the bugs?

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Here’s another article about the KNCTR virus:

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Thanks @Brian1946. Yep. That was the root of my problems. But I got rid of it and learned some stuff in the process.

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In the future, booting your computer in safe mood is great for removing crap like this.

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@dappled_leaves I think that “express installation” option exists as an intelligence test.

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@jerv Or in my case, it usually works as a sobriety test.

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@El_Cadejo I use Minesweeper as a sobriety test.

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@jerv If I did that, I don’t think I’d ever be considered sober….

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