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What is the most recent new experience that you've had?

Asked by Esedess (3383points) August 1st, 2014

good or bad

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Right this minute. I took myself to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie at what I thought was a regular old movie theater near work. Turns out, the theaters are outfitted with cushy recliners and they serve food.

I’m waiting on a burger right now.

It’s either wicked cool, or I’m easily impressed. ;^)

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I have never tasted Sriracha sauce straight up until this afternoon. Dang! it’s pretty spicy on it’s own!

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I rode a horse yesterday & I didn’t crap myself or fall off, nice horsey.

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@cookieman No, that’s pretty cool! I’ve been to a theater like that once.
Tell me how the movie is when you get out! I’ve had high hopes for that one.

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About an hour ago, I got bullied and abused, and at Trader Joe’s of all places! And, there was nothing I could really do to defend myself.

I was standing near the door, waiting for my turn to get a shopping cart. I felt a very insistent hand on my back, so I thought that I must have been spotted by a friend saying “hello.” No, it was a huge man – maybe 6’5” – who proceeded to push me out of his way. As he walked past, I said “Excuse me?” very loudly.

Then, he walked back out again, facing me. I foolishly and childishly hit him with my shopping cart. A few minutes later, inside the store, he walked past and said, “That wasn’t very ladylike.” I called at his retreating back, “You DON’T touch people. You DO NOT put your hands on strangers.” He yelled, “You don’t stand in someone’s way.”

Fortunately, a store employee and two customers witnessed the entire incident. The employee went to get the manager. The employee had already told the manager what happened, but she also listened to what I had to say. Then, she shadowed the man, step-by-step, while he did his shopping, to make sure that he wouldn’t cause any more troubles.

Yeesh. The guy did make a beeline to the alcohol department, and I’m guessing that booze was at the root of his problems.

Where was my big, tough husband when I really needed him? He would have knocked the man flat on his back. (Oh, yeah…Paul was at work, earning a living and supporting us!)

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@majorrich Funny coincidence, I had sriracha for the first time yesterday

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As of yesterday, I’ve been living almost completely on my own—I’m still under my parents’ phone bills and insurance. It’s a pretty interesting experience, but it doesn’t feel much different since I had already been doing a lot for myself beforehand. The only big difference now is that I’m paying rent and there’s nobody else living with me. It’s been good so far: went job searching and food shopping today, going to do more job searching later then hit up the library later on. Yesterday I had to eat a meal like a dog because I didn’t have any utensils. I just wish I had a stove.

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Watching 50 hot air balloons flying overhead at a balloon festival.

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I am training my tomatoes along a trellis system similar to the way some folks grow grapes. So far I am very happy with both the results and the experience.

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I can’t tell, or shouldn’t. I think though, you’d all really like him. XD

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@Esedess: it was amazing. Lots of heart, very funny, and crushingly sad in a couple spits. So well done.

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I found out that computer repair/office supply store’s computer based registers can crash as easily as my home unit. And sometimes the employees know less about computers than I do!!!

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@cookieman Great to hear! It’s been a while since I saw a good new movie.

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The most recent experience is learning about WWII through my father’s experiences fighting in Europe for the Allies. He never talked about it to any of us. Over the past month, I cleaned out our childhood home and discovered photos, letters to his mother, and a small box full of personal belongings from his time in the war.

My knowledge of WWII is shockingly limited. These treasures have piqued an interest due to Dad’s experience. One example is finding photos of the Eagle’s Nest and Hermann Goering’s train. The letters provide insight as to what life was like fighting in Germany, France and Austria from one soldier’s perspective.

Dad refused to talk about his experiences until the day he died, but he left us a gold mine of information if we are willing to dig. And I am.

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A very close and very very much loved family member has pancreatic cancer. I am having to experience the absolute devastation that comes with it. I think that is enough said.

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@Bethanfluther: I am very sorry to hear that. It is a terrible thing to have to go through

(I’ve done it four times)

I hope you have good support around you.

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On this the first day of my vacation, I’m doing my best to forget several issues at work that are aggravating me…and not succeeding as of yet.

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The death of a parent.

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@jonsblond Condolences

Started using an electric razor.

Discovered I can get a reasonably close shave without slicing a layer of skin from my face.

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