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How did the Great Banyan Tree (biggest tree in the world) get this huge?

Asked by flo (10352points) August 4th, 2014

For those of us who can’t read and write what it the answer as to how it got that way?
This is the tree.

What do you think of other than Walmart to compare it with by the way? All the articles about 7of them use Walmart for comparison.

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The banyan tree does not grow very tall vertically but drops branches that attach to the ground, root, and then grow horizontally. (Who among us here cannot read and write?)

I used to see them as a kid when I visited my grandparents in Miami.

“Older banyan trees are characterized by their aerial prop roots that grow into thick woody trunks which, with age, can become indistinguishable from the main trunk. Old trees can spread out laterally, using these prop roots to cover a wide area. In some species the effect is for the props to develop into a sort of forest covering a considerable area, every trunk connected directly or indirectly to the central trunk.” “Source.“

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@gailcalled Thanks. I was referring whoever can’t read or write anywhere in the world not just here.

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. How is illiteracy in general relevant to the morphology of the Banyan?

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It was just an example, it could be about anything really.

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I am sorry but I still do not understand what you mean.

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Not to the same extent as banyan trees, but there are many other plants that propagate through their root systems. A paw paw patch is likely to be a single tree. A cluster of mayflowers is also likely to be a single plant. The largest organism on earth is a mushroom.

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Thank you @LostInParadise.
@gailcalled Maybe I will think of a way of explaining it soon.

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