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What is the cheapest way to fly to India?

Asked by Provlear (222points) April 29th, 2010

Never having traveled internationally, I’m at a complete loss, but I have to get there in January. Hotwire, etc. gives prices ranging from $1000 to $1500. Will travel agents be cheaper? I’ve heard of booking flights too early, but who knows what timeframe is best. I’m starting from Los Angeles, if that helps/matters.

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You might try an around the world ticket and tie in a few more places along the way! I would wait a little while as booking more than 6 months in advance seems a little much. However, make sure you get your tourist visa before hand!

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Wow, what did I miss here? Seemed like a simple enough question.

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compare with or or

try different dates, there can be a lot of variance.

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Apparently, even my own response got moderated? I was simply commenting that @RealEyesRealizeRealLies was clever with his response “Magic Carpet”. I even gave him a good answer. Seems like that shouldn’t have gotten moderated on my own question…

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I booked a flight to Taiwan one month ahead of time on Air China and got some great rates.
2 – 8 weeks is average for booking.
One very important thing you need to check into is what vaccinations you will need/ should have.
I know that you MUST be vaccinated for Malaria at the least and possibly Diptheria and Typhus as well. I too am looking towards traveling in India myself.

I would definitely investigate what vaccines you will need ASAP.

Good luck, Happy Travels! :-)

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