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If you text through wifi on your cell phone does that count against your data plan?

Asked by AshlynM (9661points) August 8th, 2014


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No. If you have your phone set to “airplane mode” but wifi enabled, and you text or message and it goes, then your phone is routing it through the wifi and not through he cell network, and not taxing your data plan.

But texts, which are SMS messages, and phone calls, go through the cellular connection. So your text may not go if you are not cell enabled, and you won’t get any phone calls.

T-Mobile had a “through the wifi” plan a few years ago, where your phone would connect to the cell network through your wifi. But I haven’t heard about it in a long time.

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Apple’s iMessage doesn’t engage your usage either.

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I’m using a T-Mobile plan. Using ny wi-fi connection saves me from having to use op the data on my plan.

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No, everything transmitted via WiFi is free, I mean not absolutely free as you are paying for WiFi

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