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Someone hacked my facebook?

Asked by Feta (925points) August 12th, 2014

So one of my friends sent me an IM and it was a link to a picture on Facebook and I clicked on it and it asked me to log in to see it, sometimes this happens to me on Facebook so I logged in.

Turns out he had gotten hacked by the same thing, it asks for your log in info and it takes and it uses it for more hacking.

I recognized it immediately after I clicked the link and changed my password twice and logged out of all devices.

I now have a setting to where it will send me a passcode in a text any time I log in from a device that’s not my computer.

Should I be okay now?
I don’t see how they could get into any of my other accounts from this and I changed my password almost immediately.

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You can change your password if you can answer the secret question. You can’t change the secret answer. You might have to make another account. Best to tell all you your contacts not to send you any money and that to be careful with your old (hacked) account.

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Try this setting 100% hack proof method I found.

1. Settings
2. Security
3. Delete FaceBook
4. Confirm?
5. Yes
6. Enter Password
7. Buh Bye FaceBook


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Going for double-step verification is a good idea. Do that for every service that allows it (Gmail for instance).

Also change your password for every service you use, that you used the same password for.

Run a good antivirus and anti-malware software on your computer (you need both). If the keylogger is still there, changing your passwords won’t help.

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Go to settings and then go to security. At the bottom of the page you will see all your current activities that you are logged into. End all activity that you are currently not on.
If you only stay on by using your current computer and you don’t see anything else added for a few days than you are probably fine. If you start to see all different types of locations that aren’t you, sign out of them and delete your facebook. I’m not sure if you can contact facebook and let them know you have been hacked and that the following locations are not you. Maybe they can lock them out from using it.

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