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Just how hot does your iPhone get?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) July 8th, 2008 from iPhone

do u worry about how hot it gets?

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I’ve read about that on the apple discussion boards, but it doesn’t happen to my phone. Take it to he genius bar and see if your battery is faulty.

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it gets hot, damn hot. Particularly when using mobile data.

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I try and keep mine out of the sun, heat in general is no good for electronics.
If the battery is causing it to get fairly hot I’d do like mcbealer said and take it to apple, or send it back in if you don’t have an apple store locally.

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Well I thought it was normal. Mine gets hot when plugged into my radio adaptor, or when I’m using it; like when I fluther.

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Mine gets slightly warm, but not so that I really notice. My Macbook on the other hand seems ready to combust at times.

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I agree wth BirdlegLeft. I really don’t notice it getting hot at all.

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mine gets hot, but I think its normal

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