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Favorite time of the year?

Asked by babygalll (2753points) July 8th, 2008

What is your favorite time of the year? Why is it your favorite time? Is there something that makes it a special time for you?

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After the long, hot desert summer, Fall really lifts my spirits.

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Not a lot of seasonal change where I live, so its nothing weather related. I like the winter holiday season. I like the lights, decorations, music, presents. I’m not a christian, but I do love to celebrate Giftmas.

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I like winter because my birthday is in December, I like fall because the weather is nice but my allergies aren’t bad, I like spring because the flowers bloom (but my allergies act up sometimes), and I like summer because.. well it’s summer damn it – time to kick back.

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Summer!! Love the long, bright days, the liveliness of everything!
There’s an energy and good mood that comes with a good summer day!

Of course, the fact that it’s so rare around here might be another reason it’s so special.

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The blistering hot days of summer in Los Angeles can wear on you, but winters here rival the best weather anywhere, any season. I’ve never seriously considered living anywhere else.

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I like spring. The renewal, the flowers, the light from the dark.

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Spring, where everything comes alive and is breathtaking and fall, where everything changes and becomes a burst of vibrant colors!

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I agree with Knotmyday. Fall is my favorite time of the year, because at that time, the weather is just right. Not hot, not cold, nice and pleasant. It’s a great feeling to be able to walk out of your house without having to wonder about the fickleness of weather…and fall provides me that.

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I love summer the best, walk to the beach almost every day, or at the park kicking a ball, or at some outdoor concert, getting brown and walking around in bare feet, it’s also the rowing season so I’ll be at the best rowing course in the southern hemisphere almost every weekend, possibly the most beautiful, in the midst of the rowing culture with hundreds of other people my age, doing the thing I love most, pushing myself to the extreme in the races but having awesome fun on the banks in between :)

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Spring and Fall….

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Ditto Knotmyday and PnL…

Fall by far! I love walking and kicking the leaves… my birthday is in the fall, but I just feel good in those fall months!

@tinyfaery: Giftmas… never heard that before. I like it. It really does put the season into perspective. (I am Christian)

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Halloween hands down for me. I love the weeks leading up to the day and all of the decorations. And then ON Halloween, there is just such a cool atmosphere surrounding it!

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Autumn, leaves falling et all… I find it very romantic, and poetic :)

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