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Would you like to vent about something?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (17656points) August 20th, 2014

Is there anything that is irritating you? Are you so annoyed? What is the annoyance? Would you like to share?

Maybe through sharing, you will feel better ;)

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Irritation? Annoyance? How about horror and outrage—and a sense of total helplessness and hopelessness—at the senseless and barbaric killings in Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Ukraine, Africa, and on the streets of the U.S.

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Clueless drivers.
extremists of any kind.
people who feel it is their duty, to point out everything and find fault with it.

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soooo. upset at the news. so bad

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@trailsillustrated What news? Can you tell?

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I told my boss to fuck off, today… She was pissing me off, because she won’t do her job. And I know she talks shit when I’m not there. I don’t care, I’m just like… Hop off my dick.

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@Mimishu1995 that beheading of a respected us journalist, all the shite going on, really shook up about it. was going to visit the us in a couple weeks, don’t know now. Just in shock.

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And @AshLeigh hear ya thats why I work alone.

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I just farted, ventilated…& relax.

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I wish I could go out in public without people judging my clothes or thinking I’m trying to make a statement.

@AshLeigh I’ve about had it with one of my coworkers, too.

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@dxs, it’s not even the customers that piss me off. It’s always coworkers.

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@AshLeigh Agreed. Except for the when the customer is a coworker’s friend visiting…

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Speaking about coworkers, two days ago my class was asked to divide into a certain number of groups. My “coworkers” were pretty lazy and irresponsible. They spent time chatting and doing almost nothing. I had to do almost everything. Worse, they acted as if they had done so much and I was the one who kept on complaining. At one point I just asked one of them to pass me the assignment paper and they didn’t hear me. I just went on with other papers, and when it was time to do that paper, they complained why I didn’t do it. I was irritated and said I had already asked for the paper. They said plainly that I shouldn’t have asked them like that and I had to find it myself because it was so dependent of me. Agh! I wish I had had a gun then.

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@dxs, Ugh! I hate it when their friends visit…

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