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Have the Jelly-Asker and Jelly-Helper awards been broken down?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14951points) August 21st, 2014

Just curious. These days I notice that I can’t see these two awards’ notification in the Community Feed after new jellies ask/answer anymore. Have they been broken down, or am I missing something?

And if they have been broken down, why? Is there anything wrong with these two awards?

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Check on the profile page of the user. Not everything shows in the community feed. If the awards are broken, the users won’t have them on their awards list

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@canidmajor Have checked, and couldn’t find the awards.

Guess they have been broken after all.

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Maybe it takes time.

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The short answer is that something is up, and we don’t know what it is yet. But we are aware, and we are looking into it. Sorry that I don’t have anything particularly helpful to say.

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It appears that the awards are done broke. Finding a solution may take some time.

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