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Is swimming a good excercise?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) August 22nd, 2014

I like to swim for fun and I enjoy being in the water, but I want to keep my chest strong.

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Swimming is very good exercise, but only if you are good enough to keep from drowning. Of course, just as working out with weights, it depends on hat you are doing which determines what muscles/muscle groups are being worked best.

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Drowning would be a drawback.

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Yes. It’s excellent exercise! You get a full body workout against resistance. Cardio + strength training.

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Very! Also along with everything mentioned above it is low impact on your joints, great workout with none of the risks of running. Swimming, walking and horses have been my workout for decades. Now all you need is a horse to spot your swimming with some 10 miles trail rides. haha

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Swimming isn’t weight-bearing. This is a very good thing for someone who needs a workout with no impact or stress on joints. But, this same feature is also a disadvantage for keeping bones strong.

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Swimming is excellent exercise. If you are wanting a thorough upper-body workout, learn the Butterfly stroke.

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Michael Phelps used to eat >10,000 calories a day to have enough energy to compete. That’s 4x more than most people need for every day activities.

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Yes it is and the breast-stroke will increase the strength in your chest more than the other methods. Although none are as good as weight training to build muscle.

As others have said swimming is great cardio and has little to no impact on joints. I you are concerned about building stronger chest muscles then I would swim and also do push ups.

Start doing wall push ups if you are unable to hold your own body weight and then progress to push ups on your knees until eventually you can do normal push ups. There are many instructional videos on youtube for push ups.

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Swimming is the perfect exercise…!!
It really good & It reduces the belly fats & make your waist/belly area very attractive.

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