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Where is a place you've never visited, but you know you would love to live there?

Asked by jaytkay (25763points) August 23rd, 2014

Even if you are perfectly happy at home, where else would you thrive? I think I could adapt to most anyplace where I’m safe and well fed, but I’d probably do best in London.

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A Greek island or Wales.

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I can think of three locations. Scotland, Canada and New Zealand.

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So many, can’t think of one.

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Coastal northern California.

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Hawaii, if it wasn’t commercialized.

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I like what I’ve seen and heard about Portland, Oregon.

I don’t know though. Kind of hard to say without having visited at least once.

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Hawaii would do it for me. Terrific climate, great food.

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Portland, Seattle or New Zealand

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Lubbock Texas. It would be a breath of fresh air compared to where I have to live now.

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No, there is a song, Here. You don’t wanna go there. I was born there. I know these things!

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Portland, OR. My brother lives there, and it would be so nice to be near him instead of 3,000 miles away. Plus, I’ve always heard such nice things about that city; it seems as if nobody really dislikes it.

If my brother were living in some rathole of a city, I wouldn’t be so willing to move there. But, Portland would be a good bet all around.

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Oregon/Washington…most beautiful states in the country.

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@Dutchess_III If you think there great you should check out B.C Canada just north of them.

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@Dutchess_III Great song, great memories.

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I’ve never gotten a chance to go there. I have mega family up there, and they talk about running over to Canada as casually as we, in Kansas, talk about running over to Oklahoma (about 20 minutes away from where I live.)

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