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Team partner from hell, who would that be?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14756points) August 25th, 2014

Inspired by @Hypocrisy_Central question :P

Imagine you have to work with certain people because your school/workplace has a project which requires people to work together, or simply because they are in the same room as you… What kind of people would annoy you the most during the work? For example, the person who refuses to work and constantly makes excuse for their laziness, the person who thinks they are a “know-it-all” and dismisses everything you have to say, the person who is very bossy and loves telling everyone what to do, the person who chooses all the “noticeable” work so that they can be noticed and get all the credit when the work is done…

People say teamwork is necessary because it enhances partnership and improves the work’s result, but sometimes there are people who just make you wish you could just do the work all alone. It has happened to me. Has it happened to you?

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The type that thinks delegating all of the real tasks to other people is their job, and so they’re done as soon as they’ve told everyone else what to do. (They tend to take credit at the end for being “team leader,” too.)

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The bossy, lazy, knowitall.

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The fucker who says “there’s no I in team”
You also have no eye, coz i’m gonna gouge it out!

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@ucme – the answer to the “Team” statement: There is a “U” in “Fuck off”

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I have one that is exactly as @ragingloli describes.

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@elbanditoroso Or as Gary Busey says “Together Everyone Achieves More”

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