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What is a question that you are unlikely to hear more than once?

Asked by Kardamom (28260points) August 31st, 2014

Last week a new co-worker didn’t bring his lunch to work, so I suggested several restaurant options that were nearby.

Unfortunately the first and closest place was closed (on a Monday, not sure why) so he went to the second place, only to find that it was super crowded, but he was able to get himself a bag of French fries.

When he got back, he said that he managed to have just enough time to eat a few of the fries and then he went straight back to work.

Later that afternoon, we were headed into the break room to get a cup of coffee. He picked up the bag and asked, “Want some cold fries?” I laughed and said, “That’s probably the first and only time anyone will ever ask me that question.”

What are some questions that people have asked you, or that you have asked, that are probably the only time that particular question will ever be asked?

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Do you want the Last Rites performed now?

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Honey, does this sore on my unit look infected?

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Will you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife? #togetherforever

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I say this all of the time and most people look at me like I am a goofball.. and I made it up… so I doubt you will ever hear it again…

person: “Oh no! I got bitten by an ant!

me: Aren’t you glad it wasn’t an Uncle?

hardy har har…

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I have both offered and accept cold and soggy fries. They crisp up really easily. Just toss ‘em around on the pan!

Luckily I’ve since graduated from college and now have the luxury of declining such delicacies. :P

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Is a frog’s ass watertight?

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Do you understand your rights as I’ve read them to you?

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Do you want a blindfold?

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When are you going to get a Brazilian like your Sister?

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Why couldn’t your dick be as big as your brother’s?

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Any question asked you while doing funeral service prearrangement.

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haha… this just in… “Do you want to watch “How To Drain your Tragon?”

And last night I was so tired I asked my boyfriend if he remembered to feed the dinner their cats. lol

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Also, my niece’s favorite knock-knock joke she made up when she was like 3…

“Knock, knock”

“Who’s there?”


It is awful and yet delightful all at once.

(Her favorite movie at the time was “Cars”)

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It took place on Christmas after all of the presents were opened. A young nephew and I were playing on the living room floor with one of his new toys. He asked me, “Aunt Pied? Are you a parent or are you a kid?”

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In dealing with music and instruments there are SO many questions that have been asked throughout the years that taken out of context are quite hilarious. I wish I could remember something specific. Usually they have to do with something along the lines of, “Are you sure you sucked on the wood long enough to make it easier to blow?” or… “Are you sure your pads are positioned correctly?” (In dealing with clarinets) lol

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