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Can you recommend me a free iPad photo app?

Asked by SavoirFaire (27290points) September 7th, 2014

My wife’s iPad is too old to get iPhoto for free, so we’re looking for something else. She wants to be able to edit photos and send them to a printing service (e.g., Shutterfly).

P.S. If you’d like to recommend printing services other than Shutterfly, she’d be open to that as well.
P.P.S. Suggestions to switch devices or any other sort of anti-Apple commentary will not be considered helpful.

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VSCO cam

The one I use the most (even more than iPhoto) is $4.99: Camera+ by tap tap tap

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I second Snapseed.

As for a printing service, I highly recommend running a few experiments. Have a few of the same photos printed at both Shutterfly and Snapfish. The exposure is often quite different between the two – and in a consistent way. You might prefer one over the the other.

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Like kat said.

Camera+ is impressive.

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I also agree with hominid.

I always take at least two of everything even if I am taking a picture for strangers.

One is always better than the other.

The more you take, the greater your chances of getting the best one.

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I just use the camera and then upload the pics to wherever. Please explain the need for a app.

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@zenzen She wants to be able to edit them as the camera’s capabilities leave much to be desired. I imagine there is an organizational aspect as well.

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The ipad camera is terrific.

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