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I just got done building a new brick patio. Its 9 x 19 and I want to layout furnature/accessories and want everything to look really good. I am also on a limited budget. Any suggestions?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) July 9th, 2008
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Go right now to Target, Shokpo, or anywhere that that stuff is seasonal. Its all on clearance because back to school stuff is coming and they need to get rid of it.

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9×19 is a funny shape. i think you need to have a grouping of 2 armchairs chairs and
1 “coffee” table for conversation on one end, maybe wicker, try Pier One or some kind of discount place like Big Lots, and round umbrella table/simple plastic armchairs chairs on the other end. You can move the plastic chairs around to either end. (Get white ones.) Not sure if this is the kind of layout notions you were asking for.

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Depending on how much you like to grill and the usual size of company you have over, my grandparents just bought this nice Grill from Lowes. It is small and convenient for a back yard patio. And leaves plenty of room for your other chairs an table. As charybdys said you will find plenty of great stuff over at Target. It is all on sale, for great prices especially if you are on a budget.

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I think Target is a good idea, but are you handy? Because if so, you could go a long way building things yourself. Ikea is also great if you’re willing to work with it. is a favorite site of mine that has DIY projects that use Ikea furniture as kits. You mix and match pieces and parts, like life-size legos. It’s a great way to get a lot of value out of Ikea stuff. CB2 is also great for limited budgets.

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Depending on what you want to do with it, you should also consider a chaise, lounger or bench swing/glider.

What kind of advice are you looking for?

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Ditto on Target. They have great sales going on. last year, we bought a 100 dollar original price, down to 30 outdoor light for our gabezoo.

I saw a double seater rocker at Walmart last summer. I thought was adorable. Also if you want an L section chaise…also at Walmart. It is cheap.

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