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Why do some websites scroll down painfully on one browser but smoothly on another?

Asked by r0ck80y (18points) July 9th, 2008

For instance, check scrolling on on IE(okay) and FireFox(slow) and check on IE (fast) and Opera (slow)

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mediamelon scrolls the worst for me, pawbook scrolls fine.

As for websites that scroll badly in generation, it’s the ones with backgrounds that remain in the window, rather than an image that scrolls with the entire page.

for example, the background here on fluther, you see at the top that nice gradient picture, it doesn’t follow the screen as you scroll down, it’s stuck there at the top of the page.

The pages you bring up have pictures that stay directly in the window the whole time, and for some reason those are the hardest on browsers.

As for between the browsers why one is better, just has to do with its internal programing.

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I find that scrolling problems can often be fixed with SquareFree’s zap bookmarklet

It’s also useful for getting rid of any sort of general annoyance.

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How about this site then—> This also has a background but not fixed i suppose. Scrolls poorly on my FF3 but fine on IE6

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that website is also loaded with .png’s all over the place, maybe FF wasn’t meant for withstanding over a certain number of image files of that size. dunno.

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@r0ck80y: That site scrolls fine for me in FF3 (on a Mac, if that matters). It worked fine even after disabling Adblock and NoScript.

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I dont have a mac but i just checked that site on safari for windows. Scrolls better. Is there some browser setting that i need to do? Or its just a browser internal thing. Anyways, i dont think i can find a solution to this. It could be the high flash/image content or a page not being properly validated or heavy javascript (although i have seen many “loaded” pages scroll fine on all browsers.)

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Sorry, I don’t know of any special browser setting that affects this.

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All of these sites scrolls nicely in Safari Version 4 Developer Preview (5526.11.2)

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