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I would like to set up multiple RSS updates in one place. Any way I can make this happen?

Asked by bluesandblahs (36points) March 15th, 2010

Ideally I would have a “feed” – sort of like a Twitter or Facebook newsfeed that updates live every time a website/blog/search string that I check daily/hourly makes a new post.

What web applications or websites allow me to aggregate multiple RSS feeds like this without having to build my own blog/website from scratch? Any suggestions on how to create sort of a “central hub” of all of my favorite websites that post frequently and gather them on one page? Is this possible?

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Well, it wouldn’t be an RSS feed, but Tweetdeck can do that for your desktop, but it wouldn’t be everywhere, just that computer.

As far as webapps, things like Brizzly or Threadsy (invite only) may work for you.

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@dverhey Sounds neat, but these seem to be apps that are for combining Facebook and Twitter feeds, which I am not interested.

I’m interested in combining multiple blogs and news and job postings into one mega-feed that updates live in a similar fashion as the Facebook newsfeed. If that’s possible.

But I should clarify that I’m not really interested in the social media platforms like Tweetdeck etc, though if there is some way that they can be manipulated or used for the purpose that I’m describing I would be interested.

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You’re looking for multiple RSS feeds to be readable in one place?

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@Sarcasm Yes! This more like it, it’s almost like I knew Google Reader existed and was asking this question because I completely forgot what it was called. Thanks so much.

Other suggestions are welcome as well if anyone knows of other cool apps or if there is anything better.

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Aha, I read news feed and my mind immediately went to Facebook.

Following @Sarcasm‘s suggestion is the way to go, though. Google Reader should be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Sage is a Firefox extension, I read a huge number of sites really quickly with it.


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if your on a Mac you can use Mail to do it

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