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Should Flarguments be worth less lurve?

Asked by Breefield (2733points) July 9th, 2008

Wouldn’t it be cool if Fluther could “detect” if you’re posts were turning into an argument based on the @jellyname and words you use?
Because right now, lets say you get in an argument or discussion that goes sour and some people lurve you just b/c you support their opinion, shouldn’t those GA’s be worth like 1 lurve point?
Find your opinions…and tell them to me. (from this)

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Then I would be down at least 200 lurve becuase of many arguments with the same one other user.

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I don’t think so. I usually enjoy reading the arguments—or being part of them.

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But what if the lurve they’re receiving via GA isn’t b/c it was a great answer, it was just b/c they made a goof point in an argument? Then what? :p

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I think that the arguments should be hidden from the normal thread, that way it doesnt become overly long. You should then be able to press a “show arguments” button and see what side debates have been going on. It will make the basic answers easier to find, and you will still be able to partake in said arguments.

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I think some of the arguments actually contribute to the thread, whether they correct a wrong or just clarify a point of view. Usually the “you’re a such-and-such” comments get modded out, which makes them moot anyway, but I admit they irritate me while they remain. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the system as is.

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this may have been discussed before, but I think a good way to handle the “arguments” is to provide the ability to reply to an answer and make it so you can hide or show the replies for a given answer. maybe like a tree setup. (similar to Digg). I think the arguments are critical to fluther because of the nature of fluther, but it does get a little tiring to read through all of the responses and matching up the responses with other responses.

The only problem with that option is that the correct answer may be within the arguments and might not be seen . I don’t think there is an answer to changing the scoring scheme for argument replies. I think it’s up to us Fluther users to make better judgment calls as to what deserves a GA.

I imagine the original vision of GA’s was to show the person asking the question which answer other people agree with and to award the answerer for a good answer, which in turn strengthens their credibility. I think lurve has turned into a “high-five” system.

Maybe that’s the answer…create a separate scoring system for “high-five’s”. so-and-so has 1000 lurve points and 2350 high-fives.

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GQ for coining the term flarguments. Brilliant!

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or how about when someone writes two answers back to back and both comments get lurve?

Most of the time both comments make good points, but they could have been posted at the same time.

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The fact of the matter is that the person probably thought of their second comment after time was up to edit the first, but still. Should the second comment in a back-to-back post by the same user be allowed to get lurve?

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Yes. Case in point^
How’s the water tower coming?

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So this is really a disguised whine about lurve again and not about flarguments at all? Lurve can be awarded at the will of the user. Sometimes you might think that is bogus, but it is like our government system. The price of freedom is some people abuse the system. That applies to lurve in flarguments and lurve elsewhere.

Until you can climb into someone’s head, you can’t prove the wrongs you are alleging occur anyway (that someone awards GA just because they agree with someone’s viewpoint and not because they think the answer is good). Neither could the Fluther moderators or creators.

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Why all this fuzz about lurve anyway? Somebody might get it “undeserved”, but frankly, so what? I thought the answers were the point, not the points for the points sake. Agree with marina. And so I gave you lurve, hah :P

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Brothers and sisters, flarguing about lurve is inimically tacky. After all, what is Lurve, anyway? Baby, don’t hurt me.

edit: …no more

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Exactly shudderbrother, that too. I’m just theorizing though…it’s not about lurve, it’s abut the system :p

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@breefield i disagree

constantly hits refresh to see if he gets negative lurve

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@marina – if your comment was pointed at me, I don’t think you understood what I was saying. i was referring to the comments that don’t answer the question. if the button wasn’t called “Great Answer”, then I would be fine with people giving lurve for “comments” that don’t attempt to answer the question. that’s all. you’re right, i can’t get inside someone’s head to “prove the wrongs”, but I do see plenty of “comments” that get GA’d and they don’t answer the question. the GA’s for those “comments” are more like high-fives. it’s just annoying to me to see people get a “Great Answer” for commenting about something. why does it annoy me? i guess it’s because I see fluther as something different than a plain ole forum.

I really could care less about how many points I have…I’m not complaining that I don’t get enough Lurve. I just think we’ve lost the concept of Lurve somewhere along the way. Or maybe I misunderstood the purpose of it…which is highly possible.

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@ccatron I was responding to breefield’s and petethepothead’s posts regarding the awarding of lurve.

You and I will have to disagree about what constitutes a Great Answer. I am sometimes of a like mind with G.K. Chesterton: ”“Wit is a sword; it is meant to make people feel the point as well as see it.” and Edward Abbey: “The distrust of wit is the beginning of tyranny.” I sometimes find those answers worthy of GA.

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Well, in most cases I think the flarguments (great term) are inseparable elements of a lively discussion. Hiding them from the rest of the thread would really make fluther less interesting, besides being a hopeless task.

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Agree with flarguments for keeping lurvepoints inclusive of anything we find attractive: great info, great wit, great passion.

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I think the system in place works just fine. You give points if you think an answer is a good one, and flag it if you feel it doesn’t fit within the guidelines. I also think there is too much fuss about points. Be happy when you get them, and try harder when you don’t.

I liked the term flaruments too! Very creative.

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