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Does anyone have separate laundry baskets for clean and dirty clothes?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) September 24th, 2014

I use the same basket for clean and dirty clothes, but I have to admit that it gives me pause.

I’ve never personally known anyone that used separate baskets.

Do you?

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Nope. It goes down and then comes back in the same basket.

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No. My kids have their own hampers; those are used to take the dirty clothes to the washer; the laundry basket is used for carrying the clean clothes. I dump my dirties into the basket and carry the clean back.

Getting two baskets sounds overly fastidious to me.

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Of course. I have never put dirty clothes in a clean laundry basket.

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We have multiple laundry baskets. Right now one of them is full of pears we’ve harvested off of our tree. Later on it’ll hold dirty laundry, clean socks, or even recyclables. One is in the garage holding a variety of things that need to be put away.

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Nope, clean laundry is folded or hung, then put up.

PS it is not me who is anal about this, if it were just me the clean clothes would probably just sit on the dryer until I needed them

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I’ve also used one to hold a baby. It makes a great bassinet in a hurry.

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I have a single basket for dirty/clean laundry and a separate one for stuff that goes to the drycleaners.

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I rarely use a basket, for just this (clean/dirty) reason.
Therefore, I drop socks. A lot. Then when I bend over to pick one up, I usually drop 2 more socks and a pair of underwear. Getting laundry from the basement to the bedroom for sorting can be quite a process.

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I stuff my dirty laundry in plastic bags and use the basket for clean clothes.

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My clothes don’t get very well soiled any more – not like they used to when I worked field construction and got muddy, dusty, greasy, ashy, sooty and worse every day – so my laundry basket doesn’t get very dirty, either. However, it’s not pristine, either. So every few weeks when I’m dropping a load in the washer, I use one of my t-shirts to wipe out the basket itself, and include that t-shirt in the wash. Then when the wash comes out of the drier it goes back into the mostly-clean basket.

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I don’t have a basket at all. They go from pile-on-bedroom-floor to washing machine, then after they’re dried (and ironed if necessary) I put them away. If I can’t carry the bundle in my arms I use a big shopping bag.

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No, but my clothes go directly from the clothesline to being folded and put away. No basket required for clean clothes.

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I put my laundry in a tall wicker basket with a cloth bag in it. When the bag is full, I put it in the laundry machine along with my laundry (and then put my clean laundry in the clean bag when it’s done). So even though I just have the one bag, it’s always clean when the clothes are clean.

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@SavoirFaire Now that’s an efficient way to do it!

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Someone call @Espiritus_Corvus…it’s another laundry question!
I use the same one. It’s also the bag I use to hold my clothes when I travel. 3-in-1.

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No, they don’t.

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We have 1 basket for clean, many for dirty. Hate to get dirt, pollen, and fleas from dirty clothes onto clean.

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No. Nothing gets that dirty any more. Even my gardening clothes have only clean dirt at the knees.

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No laundry basket. We use a laundry bag and throw it in the wash with the dirty clothes.

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I do. It is an old habit. With muddy, greasy, bloody teen boys, it had to be.

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Just one standing laundry bag for dirty stuff.

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one and the same

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Well, my laundry basket holds both dirty and clean clothes, but not at the same time. Why would clean clothes be sitting in a hamper for an extended period of time? We fold/hang clean clothes and then use our basket for dirty clothes until it’s time to wash them again.

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I just use the basket I’ve brought the clothes downstairs in to put the folded clothes in and then bring them back upstairs and put them right away. Hanging ones get taken up on their own.

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I sometimes clean the dirty laundry basket while the laundry is in the wash

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“muddy, greasy, bloody teen boys..” I had some of them!

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The Graduate

Now fearful of teens.

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Yes. I have the baskets; might as well use ‘em, and if I didn’t reserve one for clean clothes they would both fill up with dirty before I got around to doing the laundry.

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