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IPhone to OS X VPN "Bridging"?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) September 28th, 2014

Does anyone know of a VPN type solution to my problem…

So at work the Wi-Fi and ethernet LAN’s are on different subnets, and I want a way to be able to use Airplay on my iPhone (Wi-Fi) to my Mac on the ethernet subnet.

It works fine if I have another Mac hooked up to the ethernet LAN, but no go for anything on wifi.

I’m looking for some sort of VPN Client & Server setup that I can use to have the Airplay broadcast packets cross the routers/subnets from my iPhone to my mac.

What do you guys & gals suggest?

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I have worked with several VPNs and VNCs, cross-network, but only on Windows based machines.

But I’m surprised you are having issues in the first place. OS-X is basically a juiced up version of Unix and should be pretty network friendly.

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I think you need more metatags.~

Surely the connection via wireless to the cabled LAN would require the network admin to allow routing across the subnets. I’m not an Apple expert, but I don’t think that’s the kind of thing you can force with any consumer software and without breaking your workplace’s IT policy – it’s like that for a reason.

Can you not set your iPhone up to tether directly to the WLAN card on the Mac?

Alternatively, you should be able to set up one of these, and basically connect your iPhone to the LAN using one of these.

Specifically, you might want to look in to one of these

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It sounds like a policy thing as there’s no technical reason to have the two separate; the only thing that would make that make sense is a deliberate effort to prohibit wireless access to the wired network. To me, this seems less of a technical issue than an administrative one.

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