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How to transfer my book list from Books iRead to GoodReads?

Asked by limyh (48points) July 9th, 2008

I have over 100 books entered in Books iRead (via Facebook) but I’m really like GoodReads, mainly due to its integration with FriendFeed and features. BUT I still cannot find the way to transfer my booklist from Books iRead to GoodReads. Any other way beside me re-entering my booklist all over again?

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Unfortunately, if there isn’t a transfer feature available, or a method in which you can export your list onto a type of readable file recognized by both GoodReads and iRead, you will more than likely have to supply the list one by one. Since I am answering this question four years later, you are probably off Fluther, have transferred your list one by one anyhow, and are happy and content in your book frenzy. Best wishes!

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