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How to change template design of AC login page?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) October 13th, 2014

Hi, I’ve been contacted by a company that recently installed a Huawei AC6005 access controller for their network. I’ve been reading the documentation and the technician tells me the upgrade allows for file uploading (ZIP format) to the AC, and that should be the way to modify the login template; they want the login to resemble the company’s image, not the blue screen of the AC by default. But so far I cant find documentation about that, but I assume the coding should be html, strict, and follow certain guidelines and cues… Any advice to this? thanks

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If you think that the template is coded in HTML, then I’m guessing you can access it from a web browser. That would suggest that at least the output is HTML. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the uploaded code can be HTML; the template might be for a templating engine like Smarty or some other BS. If the filename of the login page ends in ”.php” or some other clue like that then you can work from there: if you know the generating language than you can try inserting an “include()” or something.

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Mmm I can’t know, the login portal is in a local network out of my reach; so far the people tried to get the files through the browser (“save as”) but I told them that was not the way; so they tried using a file downloader but I don’t think that’s the way, either.
I’ve been reading the documentation for the equipment and It’s supposed that the unit doesn’t allow to upload files, so a menu to configure the login page can be used, but is very limited; but AFTER upgrading the software, you can upload templates for the login page after configure it. By default, the is used, so I’m asking the admin to look for that file. If I was there it all would be so much easy…

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