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If you want U2's music on the new iPhone, you have to download it, where is the problem?

Asked by flo (12974points) October 15th, 2014

I know it is a few weeks old. It is not like the music is unavoidable right there in your face, one has to download it, right? So why did the complaining people complain? By the way, who did the gifting,? Did Apple pay U2 and did the giving or did U2 do the giving? people just assumed?

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Cuz I don’t even want to see bono’s wanker face on my purchased list. The nerve.

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You didn’t have to actively download it, it was pushed to you. I got home from work one day and opened up iTunes and it was in my library.

It was a joint promotional deal for Apple and U2. It didn’t cost anybody anything except a little staff time.

People complained because they felt like they had no choice in the matter except to have it put in their library.

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Apple paid U2 lots of money. There’s an article about it on vice or rolling stone.

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^^At least (s)he’s asking questions.

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I’m dying to know how many people would be complaining to their supermarket, (let’s say) manager and the media if they were gifted one free item. Even if they don’t like the item, they would just give it away or something, and that is it.

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@dxs Thanks, were you responding to whoever was moderated? Let me know in PM wnat it said if you can. I didn’t get to read it.

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Or let’s say if it were the music of someone they liked would they have complained? No.

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imagine you came home one day, and found a new tv in the living room.
What you think of getting a free new tv is immaterial.
Someone entered your home without permission.

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@ragingloli. If someone leaves something, even something worth millions of dollars, it is would be highy disturbing and one would have to call the police, It could a frame up….whatever. So, not similar things. That is just the first thing.
2) Who put the music in the library? Apple, not U2. Why target U2 at all?
@zenvelo there is only dowloading or not downloading but deleting.

What percentage of these people are fans of disguisting lyrics/videos, who fight to never pay a cent for their music, seekers of beheading videos, etc.?

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@flo Apple had to send out special instructions to delete it. Even if you deleted it, every time your iTunes library connected to the cloud, it would reappear.

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@flo because U2 collaborated over this deal with Apple for many months and accepted a huge amount f money for it in point of fact that was the launch of this album and I don’t want it in my face if I want something I’ll choose it and upload it myself.

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@zenvelo Apple is the one whoput it there in the first place. If it reappears it is on Apple too.

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@trailsillustrated U2 couldn’t have made a condition of the deal that Apple just put it there, instead of letting consumers know that they can ask for it.

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