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What's something profound to say after you've sneezed?

Asked by snowberry (23738points) October 25th, 2014

My daughter teaches English in Japan. She has extremely loud sneezes and after she’s finished, she says she wants something profound to say since she already has everyone’s attention. Her work desk is in a room with a lot of other English teachers. Some of her classes are with very advanced students who’ve learned English outside of the country, and of course they would also benefit from a little fun. Whatever she says must be polite, and large vocabulary is a bonus. Go Fluther!

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“Why can’t I find any quality cocaine?”

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“My caviar allergy is giving me fits”

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@stanleybmanly ROFL! That’s awesome. Really funny, but it won’t fly in the workplace in the US, and even more so in Japan. I really am looking for serious answers she can use in Japan. (It’s also why I put it in General.)

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” Let that be a lesson to you. Remember kiddies, anything worth doing should be done with PASSION”

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@stanleybmanly I just told her, and she loves it. Thanks!

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“Damn, must have caught something from that doctor in Africa.”

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“You’re so good looking! ”...from Seinfeld.

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“Gadzooks!” If I fart at the same time: “Geez! I got it coming out both ends!”

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If she is in Japan and is producing a sneeze that loud the only proper thing for her to say is: “gomen” I’m sorry for disturbing you. If she is with older people she should say “gomennasai”
She really does need to control herself or she’ll come off looking like a loud American with no self control – exactly the stereotypical image they had of her before she walked in the door.

Does she want to be known as the person with the loud sneezes? Keep it up and that will be the only thing they remember.

A helpful hint from someone who’e been there, done that.

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@LuckyGuy Yeah, she does not have control over how loud she sneezes, unfortunately. She gets no warning, no buildup, just an explosion. We tried all while she was growing up to get her to cut down on the noise. Fortunately she does not sneeze often, or she’d be wearing a face mask everywhere!

She says she’s got the reputation of being one of the more polite Americans in her circle of friends, which is a plus.

Anyway, she says she had me ask because this particular group of people would appreciate an appropriate comment like I phrased in the question.

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Got it, but I’m still sticking with “Gomen”.

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Depends on the context.

I wouldn’t apologise at all (I live in Japan and work with Japanese people). They don’t when they sneeze, in my experience.

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Oh dear, there goes another piece of my soul.

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My next selection shall be in the key of E.

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So, who brought cake today?

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@Here2_4 LOL, anyone got anything more profound than that?

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(as in looking at your hand after using it to cover your mouth when sneezing)

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I worked with a fella that always followed an explosive sneeze with a hearty, “Shit the bed!”

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“I don’t have ebola.”

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Will someone please help me find the back of my head?

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She can pull out a towel and ask if anyone needs to dry off.

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I love that!

Now I’m going to get those calls from the tsunami people again.

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And that’s how we tune the nose harmonica in the States.

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