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What would you think of an office that had 0 modern machines, like a computer?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43353points) October 31st, 2014

Went to the vet today, and it struck me that they were doing everything by hand.

I have a running tab that I pay on faithfully. When I paid on it, she pulled out an oversized index card and noted the payment, calculated the balance due, didn’t even use a hand calculator, and put it back in the index file with a bunch of others.

For appointments she had a large, spiral appointment book.

No computers anywhere.

I’m just guessing they do have a fax machine, but that’s not really “modern.”

It creepily reminded me of the way my last boss wanted to do things.

Kind of made me wonder if I should change vets…but we like him even though he has strange eyes. He does a good job with our animals, and that’s what counts.

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If the vet always took good care of my pet and I trusted/liked the doctor and his staff—and I knew they were always reachable by telephone if I had an emergency—heck, I couldn’t care less that they weren’t computerized. Believe it or not, there was a time not all that long ago when businesses, especially small ones like a vet, got along quite nicely without computers or other high-tech stuff.

As for your vet’s strange eyes, you’d have ‘em too if you spent your days looking at dogs’ and cat’s bottoms. ;-)

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Automating offices in small offices often leads to too many headaches. If you re happy with him as a veterinarian, and the office is responsive to you, why be concerned about them not being automated?

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I’d think that was pretty cool. It would tend to make me want to stay with them, assuming they were doing their vet thing well.

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I’d be reassured by the fact that the office wouldn’t be crippled whenever the computer decides to shit itself.

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That’s wonderful, so good to hear of things like this!

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For a STRICTLY local business (likely in a small town) that may work well. However, it won’t work too well for those that have more than a few dozen customers, nor those that have an inventory larger than a few hundred items. But even my local bike shop uses a computer for inventory; it saves a lot of time digging through the various rear cogs to realize that they don’t have my preferred 7-gear 28/11-tooth cassette.

In the human medical field, I would be a little skeptical as that would severely impede sharing medical information. If I wind up in the ER of a hospital elsewhere, I would really like them to be able to pull up my charts from my local hospital and avoid sending me into anaphylactic shock.

In this case, if that is the only vet you use, and they don’t have many thousands of clients (as you would have in a city like Seattle) then I don’t see an issue. I know a few people who are up on the latest tech yet still like doing some things old-school.

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As long as it doesn’t come from a phobia about technology, I see no problem with it. I might wonder if their methods in other areas of their work are up-to-date, or whether they cling to outdated veterinary practices as well. A simple, polite question should set your mind at ease. “I notice you don’t use any computers in the reception area – may I ask why that is?”

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You just made me realize that my Veterinarian’s office is the same way. Since it hadn’t struck me as odd, I don’t have a problem with it.

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Sounds OK to me. Like several people said above, it sounds just fine to me. His office staff seems to handle it well.

As long as his “strange” eyes weren’t looking me over, I wouldn’t care.

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I don’t really use a computer in my biz. Does a answering machine count? If you want your biz to succeed, you have to have this one tech.

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I’ve been going to him for years, and it just hit me yesterday. Myself, I LOVE computers. I love organizing stuff on them, and creating formulas and stuff to track things.

Like I said, my last boss had a technology phobia. I was just the opposite and apparently she suddenly decided she didn’t like that, even though I had been doing it that way, along with the senior teacher, for 3 years with her approval. The way we did it was SO much easier and precise. Like, in updating transcripts…her way involved crossing stuff out and updating by hand, printing scads and scads of stuff out as a way of record keeping. The result were files 4 inches thick, of indecipherable data.

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So hip.

So normalcore.

Get on it right now.

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