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what's a good, solid printer?

Asked by nomtastic (979points) March 9th, 2007
i'm doing research for a new printer at work, just to print registration forms and such, just black and white. it doesn't need a scanner, copier, or anything fancy. mostly, it should be *reliable.* the current one is an HP deskjet 600C, and it sucks. i can spend up to $75.
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I've bad experiences with cheap hps too, and I've heard Canons fair better., a kickass site, is an awesome place when looking for stuff like this, though sometimes it doesn't have the very newest stuff (see: )
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For 70 though, you can actually find a cheap Laser printer, which I suspect will be much better for your black-only no frills needs.
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E.g. Here's a decent brother laser refurb below 60. Look around at a few laser reviews and I think you'll find something good. You'll be pleased to end the tiresome low end inkjet nightmare.
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The problem with laser printers, though, is the high cost of toner. How much printing are you doing, in terms of pages per day?
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probably less than 50 pages per day
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That sounds like a healthy amount... per page, toner is much less expensive than inkjet. It only seems expensive because you have to buy enough ink for many thousands of pages at one time (and new printers come with toner, though usually not high yield toner).
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thanks, guys.
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I have an HP D4160 that I like a lot. And the price was right around $70.
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be wary of any printer around $75. If you bump up to the $100 range you can get an entry level monochrobe laser printer form HP. I personally dislike ink jet printers.
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Laser printers have more expensive cartidges, but they last way longer than inkjet. The cost per pag e is much lower than inkjet. I would reccomend staying away from Brother and Epson printers.
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