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Is there a way to send/receive faxes on the computer without going through a fax machine?

Asked by iamthemob (17159points) September 30th, 2010

There is a fax program on a PC – it says that it needs to work through a local or networked fax machine. Is there a way to send and receive faxes if there is a phone line available to use, but id it necessary to have an ancillary program or device nonetheless? I think you need one, but am not sure.

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Sure. Google for “efax”. There’s plenty of ways to do it, for various costs.

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There is the Microsoft Fax Console link

Or you can use an e-fax type service which gives you your own private fax # and you get them delivered to your email inbox

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That’s the program I was already working with – according to the help info, you still need a local or networked device to fax through. Am I missing something?


That’s one of the ancillary programs I’m trying to avoid if possible. This is for a friend, and I like those programs, but she doesn’t want to go through those.

So…is there a way to use the microsoft fax console without having a device?

(this may be the link you included, @mrlaconic…but the link didn’t work).

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The link is working – I think this is what I need. Thanks @mrlaconic!

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I didn’t say anything about any program. I told you to Google a keyword. That Google search would have returned a couple thousand possible solutions for you. I was not recommending any program named “efax”. I was saying that what you are describing is an electronic fax, or e-fax.

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A modem allows your computer to send and receive faxes through the phone line. I can recommend the U.S. Robotics USR5637 . It simply plugs into a USB port, works with Windows and Mac OS, probably Linux, too.

A fax service like lets you send & receive faxes without a phone line.

I am a happy MyFax customer. There is no software to install. Smply send your document as an attachment in an email to

Received faxes arrive via email as PDFs

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear – I meant those are the kinds of programs I’m trying to avoid for her. She doesn’t want to incur any extra costs.

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For more on fax services, including some free options, see the comments of these posts:

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