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Shouldn't we salute the Tappet brothers?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22370points) November 3rd, 2014

I just received a text from my daughter that the legendary Tom Magliozzi died today from complications due to Alzheimer’s. I’m now ashamed of myself for being irritated when the boys started playing all of those reruns instead of taping new shows. I had no idea that Tom was ill. Does anyone here know whether Tom was Click or Clack?

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Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed some good laughs with those fellas.


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I was said to hear that he had died too.

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It was Tom’s laugh that first caught my attention. They started “Car Talk” about the same time that I retired and moved to the country, giving my more time to listen to the radio.

I still have, somewhere, an old audio cassette of them giving advice to the lovelorn, while pretending to be talking about automobiles. Remember how often they asked to speak to the spouse, about whom the caller was complaining?

In one classic instance, they advised a guy to buy a puppy and keep in in the front seat of his convertible, as a chick-magnet. “Don’t own a convertible? Buy one of those as well as a puppy.”

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Edit: “sad”

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