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What do you think of a senator or any other politician switching his party affiliation after he has been voted in an office?

Asked by chyna (45320points) November 6th, 2014

One of the senators in my state switched from democrat to republican the day after the election to give the republicans the majority vote. This senator was not voted for in this election, but had been in the office for 2 years.

His constituents voted him in as the democratic party he first ran under.
Should this be allowed?

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That is a pretty dick move.
I think a politician should be forced to resign before he switches parties. Then he can run for election again.
imagine you are a manager of a football team, and one of your players starts intentionally scoring goals for the opposing team mid game. you’d want to rip his traitorous head off.

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Since he actually represents and works for donors and lobbyists, and not the voters—it doesn’t really matter.

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If you are voting republican you are a dick. I do not compute your sense of justice after that.

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Unless someone says it was fraud, very slick move on the party of Twiddle Dumb.

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