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Who do you love? ("Whom do you love?)?

Asked by josie (30926points) November 7th, 2014

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Be specific
I never used to think about such shit, but now I am curious

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In my case Mrs Squeeky above all else, then parents and siblings.

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I love my husband.
I love my children.
I love my parents.
I love my siblings.
I love most family members.
I love my closest friends.
I love some Jellies.
I love Eddie Vedder.
I love Jack White.
I love Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear.

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My kids and very little else.

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I love my husband.
I love my children.
I love my dogs.
I love my cat.

That’s about it. I care deeply about other people but I don’t love them.

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My children.
My last girlfriend, who has promised with me that we will always be in each other’s lives.
My newest sweetie who I have known for thirty years but have become very much in love with the past six months.
A couple of the old relationships which ended yet I still love because thy were important in my life.
My mom and my siblings.

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It’s a toss up between Bo Diddly and George Thorogood.

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My family.
My closest friend.
My grandma and late grandpa.
My late dog.
Some jellies here.

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Besides the bleedin obvious, I love my penis.
Yeah sure, we’ve had our ups & downs, gone through hard times, but we always shake & make up in the end.
We helped make my children too, what’s not to love?

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My friend and my cats.

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I love Ebola Chan

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I love my family.
I love my dog.
I love my friends including some jellies.

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I love my husband so very much.
I live my dog like my child.
I love my family.
I love my friends.

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My family, which includes some Jellies.

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My kids and my friends and my cousins.

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Oh goodness, this would take me forever. I guess I’ll just say…
my husband
my family
my friends
my cats
my friends’ and family’s pets

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My kids
My boss
My friends, which also includes some of my kids’ friends, and my new jelly friends
My imaginary pet camel, Brutus. The camel is not imaginary, only the fact that he is my pet.
Yes, also my ex husband, even though we aren’t together any more, he still resides in my heart.

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My grandma, but she is gone.
My brother.
My cat
The guy I had my first special relationship with even though he turned out to be a jerk.

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