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Do you ever choose not to answer a question purely on the number of responses it has already received?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) July 11th, 2008
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no. i choose not to answer a question based on the content of the question/answers as i read through them.

usually a question with a lot of responses takes less time to read through then i initially think it will.

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Sure, if my planned answer was already given by someone else. I may chime in with a “me too” for reinforcement, but sometimes I miss the opportunity to contribute something meaningful.

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And for the added example… I agree and do as PupnTaco does.

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Yeah I do sometimes because I know how I read forums and such and usually only read until I find the answer I am looking for. I guess I really don’t fit in in a community like this…

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If im not that interested in the question, I will just move on to another question. If im interested in it, i will answer it.

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Ditto taco.

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I can’t answer this question until it gets more responses. lol

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If it’s a question I’m interested in, have an opinion about or think I can shed some light on, I’ll go ahead and answer, regardless of number of answers already given. The only time I might choose not to is if someone else has already said exactly what I was going to say, in which case I just GA that answer and move on (pretty much what PupnTaco said, but I wanted to elaborate in this case ;))

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