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its my real name lol (:
Lord of the rings<3

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my name on fluther is the same name i try for every site that wants a name
because its my name :D

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Blue = favorite color

Freedom = doing whatever I want, whenever I want (and hopefully not getting caught)

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Lupin is a popular Japanese anime character. He’s a kindhearted thief/spy that usually takes ill gotten gains from the rich and gives them to the deserving, like a Robin Hood. He is the grandson of Arsene Lupin from the early 1900’s

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Mr_M is Latin for “He who has big feet”.

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It was my name on another site and I moved here with a bunch of friends from there.
Over there, I was originally Pixie_Dust. It’s a screenname I’ve wanted to use since I was, like, 12 and had always been taken before I got to a site, so I was excited to use it. However, after a question by @TheRocketeer I changed it to EmpressPixie.

The question was about my favorite historical figure. Mine is Norton I, Emperor of these United States and Protector of Mexico. Now I’m just really attached to the name.

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my initials.

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I think the “Dr.” part of my name is pretty obvious… as for the C it’s the initial for a common nickname used for people with my first name in my home planet.

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My name is inspired by my pet bearded dragons who often pose in dynamic ways. It’s also inspired by the 60s show The Batman.

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“jack” from the name i use at Starbucks (for some reason, i tend to find it disconcerting when strangers know my real name. don’t ask.) and “fright” from the pranks my friends love (loathe?) me for.

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My name & avatar is what I brought from another site. I love Murder She Wrote, so I’m a jbfletcherfan. I’m getting all the seasons’ DVD’s. I just ordered season 8 Friday. I love Angela Lansbury. I think she’s a class act.

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Probably obvious.

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I drink way too much coffee, can’t get enough (Extra Large 5 cream 5 sugar) yumm

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My son’s name is Cash. It’s a nickname I call him sometimes.

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@casheroo that is the coolest, sweetest thing i’ve ever heard (read)...
i stand in awe.
bows in reverence

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Mrs. Who because I wish my spouse were Doctor Who.

EmpressPixie's avatar

@mrswho: I’d ask which one, but it is obvs David Tennant. I mean, how could it be any of the others?

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Angel is my real name so nothing exciting to explain unfortunately. It’s also usually available when I add my last initial to it.

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@Dr_C Why are you in awe? haha

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Rufus Wainwright lyrics from “Waiting for a Dream”. It’s actually not my favorite song by him (although it’s a great song), but I always use this as my screen name. It has a certain ring to it. (Plus I think it’s somewhat ironic and appropriate, considering my mother is a priest.)

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

Evelyn is the imaginary goddess I invented to counter the silliness of the Christian proselytizers asking me if I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, (some of the conversations I’ve had with fundies are pure gold).

I am her creator, but if you read the fiction I write about Evelyn, she treats me like her pet, and I love all things zebra. I have been a major zebra fan for over twenty years.

I don’t want to brag, but I believe I may be one of the many reasons zebra-themed consumer goods have become all the rage lately.

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I took it from my birth certificate.

Jack79's avatar

Jim Morrison was already taken, so I had to come up with a nickname instead :P

richardhenry's avatar

Birth certificate consultation.

SeventhSense's avatar

I have a particular affinity for sevens

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Because I’m crazy.

SeventhSense's avatar

Because the hiney looks like two balloons and that rhymes..

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I use the name Foolaholic all over the place. Or Nefarious Fool. Or sometimes just fool. It’s kind of my theme.

zephyr826's avatar

Zephyr is a character in the Harry Chapin rock opera, The Zinger. The numbers are just for fun.

Introverted_Leo's avatar

Well, I’m about 95% introverted, according the the Myers/Briggs test, and I’m a Leo, according to astrology. Usually I go with my other pseudonym, yoyopogo, but I wanted to do something different so I went with the combo Introverted_Leo. ^_^

VS's avatar

VS is just a shortened version of ‘valleysailor’ which is what I am all over the internet. How I got THAT name is because when I moved to Roanoke Valley in 2001, I had a little red Geo convertible that I drove all over the place, and my sister said I just loved to sail the valley, so valleysailor became my name when I was looking for a new email addy.

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Whoa… I fell asleep thinking I should ask this question and here it is!

Essie is a nickname my cousins gave me long ago because it’s easier to say than my real first name. Essie-ness sort of like “greatness”. “Ness” as a suffix apparently changes an adjective over to a noun, so although it doesn’t really make sense to use Essie as an adjective (she’s Essie…), it makes sense in my mind to have Essieness! And I have lots of Essieness.

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When I worked at a pizzeria, I got the nickname Tits McGhee (from Anchorman) for having… large tracts of land. Mind you, I worked with a group of guys between the ages of 18 and 24. That was a big factor. It was also the first name that shockvalue (a fellow jelly) thought of when he was forcing me to get my fluther account.

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@TitsMcGhee those of us who inhabit “a whale’s vagina” salute you!

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Well, I’m taking my first year of french, and “mangeons” is my favorite French word, it means “We eat”, coming from the verb “manger”, “to eat”. Second is “soixante”, which simply means “sixty”.

TitsMcGhee's avatar

@mangeons: My dad’s favorite French word is soixante-dix!

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I had this thing with airplanes (nothing scientific or mechanical of course). And in high school I was taking both French and Spanish and I loved the word for airplane (avion and avión). I just liked the way it sounded. My first boyfriend actually gave me a silver necklace with a little heart charm and a little airplane charm on it.
Anyway, somehow it evolved into aviona, with the a at the end.

tiffyandthewall's avatar

i love tilly and the wall, and one day when trying to come up with a quick name for some other site, it just popped into my head that, hey, my nickname kind of fits perfectly in there.
and then there was fluther.

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lurve for tilly and the wall

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My wife was on Fluther first. She chose jonsblond because she is. I then chose Blondesjon because i am.

mangeons's avatar

You always had a way with words, Blondesjon. ;)

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I’m jon’s blonde. I was obviously having a “blonde” moment because I left out the e.

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I wanted ‘Siren’ but it was taken… by Siren. So, I went with ubersiren, and soon realized there was an uberbatman. I would’ve changed it after that if I could’ve.

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Here is an earlier go-round on this question. I gave this answer:

I made this name up when I was playing an early “dungeon”-type RPG from Infocom on a TRS-80. This was back in the 1970s, when there were no graphics to speak of and it was mostly a game of the imagination (and therefore extremely vivid). Each level of the 4-level dungeon took 10 minutes to load from a tape cassette, and it took weeks to play a game through.

One time the roll of the virtual 18-sided die (pseudo-random number generator) gave me a strong, skillful female warrior, and this is the name I made up for her. She had nearly solved the fourth dungeon when she tripped an arrow trap in the ceiling behind a secret door and went down in flames. Best alter ego I ever had. It was in her honor that I chose an image of a queen in armor as my avatar.

(My avatar was—still is—Cate Blanchett in her role as Elizabeth I, but I was using a different photo of her at the time.)

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“Pinky” and “the Brain” are my alter egos.

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My initials. P for Papa and E for Echo. LOL!

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Actually I was almost Betsey Wetsey but my mom convinced my older sister to name me after her Judy doll instead

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@PapaEcho LOL i should’ve guessed that one lol

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It’s my last name. And some people call me by my last name. Kind of surprised it was still available. Happy about it, though!

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