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What topics of conversation do you avoid with your friends or relatives?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) November 12th, 2014

Sex? Money? Law?

Name it and explain?

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My wife gets really mad when I question my closest friends (mostly old army buddies) about their bowel functions. It’s kind of a tradition since…oh my…. years ago when some lieutenant ordered us to take a lecture on colorectal health. Someone in the group will inevitably ask another “So… did you have a satisfactory bowel movement today” That is the point at which she buries her elbow into my body through the rib cage.

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Conspiracy theories and creepy pasta. For some reason when those get discussed for more than 10 minutes, I develop a strong urge to repeatedly bash someone’s forehead upon a nearby hard and flat surface.

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Politics mostly,the rest is fair game, but hate dealing with real life conservatives , rather just talk about anything else, like bowel movements ,or conspiracy theories.

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It would be easier to state what I will talk about them with. I have no friends. With my family, I won’t discuss my emotional state, because no one ever seems to understand what I’m saying and I’m extremely uncomfortable with vulnerability.

I won’t discuss love/sex/attraction. I’m a private person.

I’ll discuss politics, but usually not things I have a stake in. Again, I’m a private person. Most people don’t know what party I belong to.

Basically anything private I won’t discuss. And almost everything is private to me.

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Private topics, character flaws and heavy gossip.

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There are no topics that I avoid. I’m terrible at starting conversations (I have major social anxiety), so I’m happy whenever someone else does and I’ll add whatever I can to the conversation.

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Fluther, the only brief reference being…“them yanks & that”

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topics which would make those involved in the conversation uncomfortable.

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Painful memories.

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I have to be careful about discussing my animus toward guns and belief in stronger gun control with some of my friends and certainly with strangers. It’s a terribly risky subject where I live.

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My great grandmother told me to never talk about politics or religion with anyone but the man I married. I don’t follow the advice, but I think I’d be happier if I did.

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Sex, religion and politics are topics that are unlikely to result in rational conversations, so I avoid discussing them with anyone except very close friends.

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With my friends and luckily with my relatives as well, I can talk about practically anything. The only thing I will talk about with just a few friends is sex.

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Politics and sex. Politics because two of my closest friends and I are rarely in agreement. Sex, because I feel like that is private and only for discussion with my husband.

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I try not to talk too much about things I am worried or angry about. People don’t like negativitiy.

I tend to avoid politics with my southern friends.

Religion rarely comes up, which is good, but when it does as long as it is curiousity type questions and not right and wrong I think it’s fine.

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With close friends and family not many topics are off limits. I’m comfotable discussing most things. With acquaintances I keep conversations simple. I don’t like getting too personal with people I barely know.

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Religion. My kids have no idea that my religious views have changed since I raised them in the church. My son has an inkling, I think. I think he is also agnostic. We don’t talk about it, but we’ll occasionally make comments that tells me we’re on the same page.

My middle daughter still believes, and I think that many times in her troubled life she’s felt that God was all she has to hang on to, and I’m not about to disabuse her of that.

My oldest daughter…..not sure. I know she believed at one time, and maybe still does, but feels that God has sorely let her down. If she still believes, I think she’s very angry and disappointed with him.

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Religion and politics, the usual hot topics. I have friends that I adore but they are hardcore conservative republicans and religious too, we blend well in all areas and appreciate each other but they are not aware that I am liberally apolitical and a non-believer. I simply have said that I am more a science kinda gal and embrace eastern philosophy over religion. Still I cringe sometimes when one of them says ” maybe God doesn’t want us to do xyz.” Um, no, “God” has nothing to do with it, your efforts have been thwarted by human error not divine intervention or lack thereof. haha

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My son and I are forced by other family members not to discuss politics. Evidently what we call a discussion they view as just short of all out hostilities.

Odd thing is that we basically agree on what is needed, we just have very different views on how to get from where we are now to where we want to be. But, come to think of it, maybe not so odd as our present worldviews are not the same.

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Sex, seems so personal to me and obviously, the person involved with me. It’s to the point that I don’t understand how my friends can speak of their experiences and what they did with their partners so openely. It actually disgusts me a little.
Not saying it’s wrong for peeps to do so, but that’s how I feel.
Note though, talking about tastes and such is not the same as describing actual experiences.

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I simply can’t tell you.

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^^^^ Haha

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WAIT! No one even questioned @Winter_Pariah‘s creepy pasta??

I have to go with sex being my #1. I’ve never liked talking about it.
Race is high on my list, as I’m surrounded by rednecks. I try to keep them from talking about it, period.
Gun control isn’t discussed in my presence because conspiracy theories of all types are ripe for me to call out.

I’m good with religion and politics as long as it’s a discussion, not a debate.

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Have y’all had a satisfactory bowel movement in the past day or so? Drinking enough fluids?

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^^^Well, I had one this morning that was satisfactory although not truly fulfilling. It was a little too sticky for my liking but the texture seems to indicate that I am getting perhaps a little too much fluid and the color was a little off what with all the yellow corn kernels scattered throughout. More a quantity thing than a quality one; a double flusher.

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I believe corn to be the perfect diet food. Goes in corn, comes out corn.

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^^^ So this is what I wake up to with my first cup of coffee of the day. Thanks guys.

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did we make you smile, or spray?

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Spray, @majorrich.
Yet another bout of damned diarrhea. Sigh.

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@majorrich Let’s just say that I’m not thinking of having corn anytime soon. lol

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TMI – all around!

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@majorrich are you familiar with the term Second Harvest? It is usually associated with Native American tribes but I am sure it is a worldwide phenomena when times are tough.

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I’ve seen my neighbors dog do that in the back yard.

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WTF! Now I just HAD to see what that article was all about as I eat my tuna sandwich for lunch. Fracking A, a double whammy from you guys today!!!

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Hilarious, @rojo.

Click on the included Bear link, @Coloma and have a little dessert.

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@ibstubro No thanks, the eating and squeezing out deer intestines was enough for me. haha

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Living in a conservative state a lot of the people I associate with are Republicans and religious. So… I try to avoid those subjects. The last time I got into a religious discussion, I was told that I would be going to Hell. So.. that was her opinion, I don’t agree but whatever.

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If only Hell were real…then we Jelly’s could all meet up at last!

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Wow! I just had the most excellent bowel movement! I didn’t go yesterday so it was a throne shattering load that took two flushes. Usually 10am is my appointment in the library, but late in the day is better than none at all. Probably because of all the protein from Thanksgiving without as much in the way of vegetables and roughage to push stuff through. LOL!

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