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If you can erase any memory from your mind which one would it be?

Asked by Araphel (1675points) November 15th, 2014

What is it that you no longer wish to remember?

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You really want to know? It’s not nice.

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Two girls one cup I would like to forget. Don’t Google it.

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There are many things in my life that have been extremely difficult. Some so hard I almost never moved beyond them. That said, however, I would never erase anything, as every single moment of my life has led up to me being the person I am right now. I would be erasing too much knowledge and strength if I got rid of any memories.

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Going through my mother’s deathbed vigil. Unfortunately, it’s as clear as if it was yesterday.

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The last time I saw my mother, four days before she died. She was slumped in a wheel chair, totally unresponsive, the shell of the lovely and loving woman who so many decades ago told me her worst fear was winding up that very way. :(

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When I was in the 6th grade and someone brought a magazine to school with redacted. It was the 1st time ever seeing redacted, and I surely thought it could not be real, but redacted.

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The thoughts of my mother after her ruptured brain aneurysm when she was in terrible pain and couldn’t communicate.

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J. L. Pekarthy:

Imagine the female equivalent of finding this fantastic car with mind blowing flanks.

You do a little research and discover the title was listed as salvage in another state…

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