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For anyone currently wearing something pink, well don't you look cute?

Asked by ucme (50031points) November 18th, 2014

Ahem, except the men folk, although i’m sure you wear it well :D

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What? Having cocktails early? lol
I am wearing a blue lace skirt with a charcoal colored sweater. No pink on me today.

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So bugger off then, you drunken harlet you! lol
No pink means you stink :P

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Does wearing a grey sweatshirt with the word “PINK” spelled with green letters count? Does that look cute also?

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@gondwanalon Yeah, that qualifies.

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One of the foxes on my shirt is pink, almost a coral pink.

I think my fox shirt is super cute.

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I don’t own anything pink.

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I own a hot pink Misfits shirt and it rocks. I also have a black skullcap with a pink Misfits skull on it. Those were two gifts from a friend, and he let me decide the color. I like pink, as surprising as that may seem to some.

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I am wearing a pink top with black cats all over it. It is warm, and cozy.

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@Symbeline Don’t surprise me, I gotta pink shirt myself, we should date :D
@gailcalled That’s a lovely pink pussy you got there…that was wrong on every level, do excuse me :)
Cheers folks, good stuff.

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Thanks for calling me cute today :)

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My skin’s a bit pink? A touch too much sun. Does that count?

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“Isn’t she…”

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The skin on my dink is pink I think, the skin on my dink is pink, I checked it in the afternoon it was maroon.

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I wore a pink shirt today. What of it?

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@Earthbound_Misfit Possibly, only you could know for sure though.
@tinyfaery I’d give you £20 for it, but not a penny more.

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Yep, I have on a pink t-shirt, actually more of a cranberry/pinkish color, and yes, I do look cute. I’d say about ¼ of my wardrobe is in the pinkish range.

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