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Do I need a vet?

Asked by wildflower (11157points) July 11th, 2008

Crazycat is still staying with me and today (after many futile attempts!) I finally managed to cut his claws…....unfortunately one of them I cut too much of and it started bleeding. Not much, but there was blood.
He’s OK for now, curled up on the sofa and very angry with me. But do I need to take him to a vet for this cut – or will it heal itself?

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No, he doesn’t need to go to the vet. All bleeding eventually stops (sorry, that’s a bad veterinary joke). If it continues to bleed, you can use a styptic pencil to help with the clotting. But it will stop – it’s just sore.

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Thanks syz! (gotta admit, I was hoping you’d drop by :))
I’ve never had to deal with indoor cats before. All this claw cutting, vitamins, leashes, etc. is a complete unknown to me, so I tend to overreact :)

I suppose in all fairness, he’s made me bleed, so…...(I’m not really cruel to him, but you know)

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@Syz. I’ve used the “all bleeding stops eventually” joke too. Cruel, I know…

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i’ll bet you ten bucks he never lets you cut his claws again.

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I’d like to see a styptic pencil used on a cat. Particularly one that hates you already.

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He didn’t exactly let me this time either…..but I’m bigger than him and caught him off-guard ;)

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I did that once with my dogs nail and the vet told me over the phone to pack the tip of the nail with cornstarch to help it clot up. I never felt so horrible in my life.

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know what you mean! I felt like the most brutal and awful person when I noticed the blood!......Still, I can’t keep having these scratches on my arms and legs. The other day I showed one scratch to a co-worker (one I got last time I attempted to cut his claws!) and their response was “a cat did that?!?”

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I just discovered that our local humane society/animal shelter does pedicures on Saturday for a donation. $20 for dogs and $10 for cats. So off we go tomorrow – (Del. I’ve decided to skip the polish.)

@Wild; yesterday it took two of us to see whether there was a thorn or cut on Milo’s paws. Today, he won’t even stay in the same room with me.

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I think if I could get someone else to do it for $10, I’d go for that option too! Although, I suspect we’ll be able to mend fences, he’s already circled my legs meowing again….

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@tekn0lust, i stop nail bleeding with flour, it worked too. But my parrot looked really strange and ate the flour with blood Yarck

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@wild Has it clotted yet? I always feel like a butcher when I get my dog’s quick, which would not have happened if he did not turn the whole thing into a power struggle. My gift to myself is to have someone else do it. He acts better for a stranger.

Would you consider these as another option?

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They make styptic powder. Works great, it’s sold at beauty supply shops.

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@Seesul Mentioned in first response. I think the other Flutherers were offering homemade alternatives just in case.

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The pencil was, but the powder is different and much easier to use on a pet. same active ingredient,different form

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@Marina, et al
Yes, it has clotted. He wasn’t exactly happy to let me check, but it’s not bleeding any more :)

Thanks so much for all the helpful advice and reassurance!

Since I’m only looking after Mr. Crazycat temporarily, I won’t try any adventurous methods…

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@wildflower: I know from personal experience it is really freaky the first time it happens. It has only happened to me once, (thank goodness,that was more than enough) but now I use magnifiers and take her to a window that has bright daylight whenever I do it. I hold each nail up to the light and clip only the little tip. The advantage of holding it up to the light is that you can see where the vein starts and avoid it (hopefully). The lady that taught me would cut them really far back, but I’ve never had the nerve (since the first bleed) to do that. Instead, I just take a wee bit off each time.

You think it’s bad doing to a cat, try a kid. My son still has the scar from when he moved (at about 5 years old) when I was giving him a haircut. Just last month, his hairdresser asked why he flinched whenever she got near his ears. He showed her the scar where I had wounded him. notice mom doesn’t cut his hair anymore

I’m happy you both survived.

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I had a grooming business, and I used the powder if iIcut a nail too short. It works quickly, and is doesn’t hurt. I’m glad your cat is okay. I bet the next time you want to trim his nails, he won’t be so cooperative tho.

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@Seesul; I am having a fantasy in which Milo sits calmly on my lap and lets me hold each nail up to the light and then permits me to clip. Are you sure that you are talking about a cat?

@Marina: I notice that the soft paws come in S, M and L? How does one go about measuring for those?

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you probably nipped the wick. he will be fine.

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my cat has hurt its leg and will not was it. it is hanging off its back and and i am really worried. what should i do?

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[Fluther Moderator:] @courtjester: Please post this as a new question.

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