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What are your favorite things to do on a long weekend?

Asked by jca (36043points) November 29th, 2014

What are your favorite things to do on a long weekend?

I’m thinking of this weekend, which was a 4 day one for me.

Two visits with family (one Thanksgiving, one today), one shopping expedition with a good friend and my daughter (to IKEA last night), and visiting this friend at her home tomorrow. To me, this was a great weekend. What about you? What’s your favorite way to spend a long weekend?

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sleep and play

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Doing it now.
A stormy weekend has arrived and aside from the daily chores, ( just came back in from the barn and the morning feeding ) we kick started things last night with take out pizza and cozying up in the big living room with a roaring fire in the woodstove to watch ‘Tombstone” on the big screen.
Today we will be watching a campy, comedy horror flick, having leftover pizza and just being comfy and warm between the need to go forth into the storm and tend the animals.
We prepped yesterday by stocking up on firewood, bringing hay up to the barn and putting extra bedding in for all the critters so they will stay comfy and cozy during this storm as well. Horses don’t care if you wear your pajamas to the barn as long as they get their hay. lol

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If it’s nice maybe go visit a friend or relative, if nasty stay home and play on the computer and watch TV.

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Getting outside! Despite the drizzly weather I will go for a long run today and another tomorrow. I always get outside as much as I can on a holiday weekend; the extra time let’s me stay outside longer.

I am not having that long of a weekend; the stock market was open yesterday and I had to work. But it was only a half day, and I did a little shopping in the late morning using a gift certificate. So today is just a Saturday for me.

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With a female (there has to be a ring on it now) boink like bunnies, and sleep. These days it is more like Bible study and sleep.

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Favorite way? A long weekend trip.

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Sport Sex Beer Gaming…repeat

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Not working. Doing anything that isn’t working is good. However, spending time with my partner and/or my children is the best. Going away for a weekend, spending time taking photos around the place, reading a book or watching films or just relaxing.

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Fluthering, playing games, brushing up my English, sleeping for as long as possible, reading (anything except my textbooks)

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Binge watch Korean dramas. Just recently finished up Two Mothers and Ruby Ring (both available on YouTube).

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Read, watch TV or nap.

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Watch James Bond films (another Q reminded me of this). My kids bought me the whole JB collection last Christmas. I’m going to make a plan to snuggle up with my SO over the Christmas break and watch them. I have a collection of Hitchcock films too. I’m going to watch them too. And my favourite Peter Sellars film, The Party.

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