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If you had to choose a cancer to get, which cancer would it be?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) December 6th, 2014

You wake to discover you are in a quasi-reality, no one around can hear you and are as dead asleep. The Fairy of The Future tells you that you will be afflicted with an internal cancer in the very near future, but you get to choose which cancer it is, what cancer would it be? By internal, it means liver, lung, stomach, ovarian, etc. (yes, testicular cancer as well).

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My left nut. or skin cancer.

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Put me down for ovarian cancer. It probably won’t hurt me too badly, since I don’t have ovaries.

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Early stage Hodgkins lymphona—there’s about a 5-year 90% survival rate.

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I’ve already done that. I get a pass.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction.

Ear cancer. I could then be free from ever hearing another Katy Perry/Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift song for the rest of my life.

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Skin cancer, but not melanoma, caught early and easily removed.

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Tropic of

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Tropic of sounds like a great idea.

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An endocrinologist told me that the best cancer to get is thyroid cancer because it doesn’t spread. That would be my vote.

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I’d go for a meningioma – they can sit harmlessly next to a person’s brain for decades without symptoms. I may even have one right now, for all I know, since most of them are only discovered on autopsies after death from other causes.

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Non-metastatic hair cancer. I cut my own anyway, so the cure would take about a minute.

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Cancer of the sense of humor.

It would be strong enough to survive easily.

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@Blondesjon I believe the word you may have been searching for was “dagnabbit”, pure frontier bullshit

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Mouth so I could stop eating!

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Birth Cancer, from June 21 to July 22.

Already I feel a little crabby.

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@ZEPHYRA Believe me you don’t want cancer in your mouth. I know you were being a little sarcastic, but just sayin’.

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If you already had the “lady parts” removed, then you can’t get ovarian, cervical, or breast cancer etc. because they are no longer there.

Skin cancer is on the surface, not internal. Tropic of Cancer and cancer zodiac are not internal either

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Not brain cancer. Other than that it is all equally bad.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Melanoma is deadly, don’t kid yourself. It goes deep in the skin layers and too often metastasizes and kills, although it still is a low rate of death compared to many other cancers.

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@talljasperman I disagree. Oesophageal cancer has around a 15–20% survival rate at 5 years, and even those who live are usually fed through a tube by that stage. Compare that with meninigioma, where (as I mentioned above) most people who have them are completely asymptomatic for decades, and die from other causes.

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